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Market research projects that the market for wound care will reach an approximate value of USD 21 billion by the end of 2015. This market, that stood at USD 16.8 billion in 2012, will witness growth propelled by factors such as the treatment of chronic wounds, an increasing number of surgeries, and the proliferation of illnesses such as diabetes.


A wound is a break in the skin that is caused by the rupturing of a membrane or a dissection of the tissue in a particular area. The science and technologies behind wound care have extensively evolved over the last few decades, and this market continues to witness new and innovative methods of wound treatment. Conventionally used wound care products include bandages, gauze, dry dressings, collagen, hydrogels, alginates, and hydrocolloids, among others. The category of active wound care is a fast evolving one, and comprises biological growth factors as well as skin substitutes. Another segment within the wound care devices market is the therapy device market. This particular segment features ultrasound therapy, ultraviolet, NPWT, Whirlpool therapy, and so on.


Medical practitioners and patients alike are now showing a preference for wound care devices that are easy to use, effective, and are portable at the same time. As innovation in this arena continues, there will be many more advances in tissue-engineered products, biological growth factors, as well as skin substitutes, besides an array of wound healing substances.


The largest market for wound care devices lies in North America, closely followed by Europe. However, regions such as Asia and Rest of the World are also showing a heightened demand for better and more advanced wound care products and technologies. However, certain factors such as lack of reimbursement could inhibit growth in regions such as Asia.

The wound care market has an ever-expanding scope-right from wound closure devices to wound care to sutures and more. 


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