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World Cigarettes Vietnam

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Published Date : Apr 2013

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Tobacco Products

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World Cigarettes Vietnam focuses on the extent to which the market has evolved during the last twelve years in line with changing smoking habits in Vietnam, the competitive environment and economic developments. The end result is an accurate and objective interpretation of market trends (since 1990) and directions, assessing underlying currents of change and projecting the market scenarios of the future, providing forecasts to 2022.

Duty paid cigarette sales are currently approaching 100 billion pieces: four times 1990 levels. Contraband accounts for a further 20%, bringing the total up to around 123 billion pieces, equivalent to total per capita consumption of around 1,360 pieces.

With no majority-owned private cigarette manufacturers permitted, the market is dominated by Vinataba. While the share of its own brands is in decline (48% share in 2011), those of foreign brands produced under licence is growing, led by those from BAT and Imperial.
Market Size
Cigarette Consumption, 1990-2012
Duty Paid v Contraband Volumes, 1999 and 2005-2011
Per Capita Consumption, 1990-2012
Market Structure
Cigarette Sales by Strength, 2008
Cigarette Sales by Price Segment, 2005-2007
Manufacturers and Brands
Manufacturer Sales and Market Shares, 2000-2012
Vinataba's Cigarette Manufacturers and Distributors
Manufacturer Shares by Price Segment, February 2007
Manufacturer Shares, Menthol Cigarettes, 2007
Manufacturer Shares, Light Cigarettes, 2005 and 2007
Bastos: Market Share Trends, 2002-2005
Brand Shares, Light Cigarettes, 2005 and 2007
Brand Shares, Premium Cigarettes, 2005 and 2006
Taxation and Retail Prices
Retail Prices
The Smoking Population
Smoking Population, 1990-2011
Tobacco Use by Gender, Urban/Rural Residence and Educational Level, 1998
Tobacco Use by Region, Gender and Type, 1998
Changes in Tobacco Use by Gender, Region and Income Group, 1993-1998
Production and Trade
Production of Cigarettes, 1990-2012
Production by Type of Facility, 2000-2009
Official Cigarette Imports, 2004-2009
Official Imports by Country of Origin, 2007-2009
Cigarette Exports to Vietnam, 2001-2012
Cigarette Exports to Vietnam by Country of Origin, 2003-2012
Vinataba: Recorded Export Volumes, 2009-2013
Cigarette Exports, 2000-2010
Exports by Country of Destination, 2007-2010
Operating Constraints
Advertising Restrictions
Health Warnings
Other Restrictions
Company Profiles
Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation (Vinataba)
Prospects and Forecasts
Consumption Forecasts to 2021

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