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World Cigarettes Algeria

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Published Date : Apr 2014

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Tobacco Products

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"World Cigarettes Algeria” is a new report by ERC that focuses on the extent to which Algeria cigarettes has evolved in line with changing smoking habits, the competitive environment and economic developments, as well as analyzing the implications cigarettes realignments have had on top multinational companies.

Key Findings

  • From 1998 the market underwent a period of steady expansion which continued up until 2002 when duty paid consumption reached 17.2 billion pieces. Consumption fell back again in 2003, declining by 1.7%.
  • Volumes grew by 1.1% in 2011, to 25 billion pieces, but strengthened in 2012 on the back of falling contraband sales to reach 26 billion pieces.
  • Forecasts for 2013 put sales up 2.9% at 26.75 billion pieces..

  • ""World Cigarettes Algeria” report is a qualitative report providing extensive and highly detailed consumption data on the Cigarettes industry in Algeria.
  • This report is the result of ERC's extensive cigarettes research covering Cigarettes across Algeria. The report provides consumption data based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, cigarettes sizing work and our in-house expertise in the Cigarettes industry in order to offer extensive data about the trends and dynamics affecting the Cigarettes industry.
  • This report is aimed at companies operating in the Cigarettes industry and for new companies considering entry into Cigarettes industry.
  • This report provides detailed data of the manufacturers operating in the Cigarettes industry in Algeria. 
  • This report also provides cigarettes size of the Cigarettes industry in Algeria along with other data relating to the regulations, retail price, smoking population, production and trade and forecast data.
Reasons To Buy

  • Cigarettes companies require a detailed understanding of Cigarettes consumption in order to align their sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the cigarettes. This report clarifies in detail, by region and company, where the growth opportunities are in Cigarettes industry to enable effective marketing  plan
  • As consumers' product demands evolve, the dynamics between different countries also change favoring some countries and leaving others increasingly out of line with demand patterns. As a result, understanding the shifting cigarettes dynamics is key to ensuring maximum sales in the future
  • The differing growth rates in overall regional product sales drive fundamental shifts in the cigarettes. This report provides detailed, authoritative data on these changes for marketing
  • The report provides the latest data on cigarettes dynamics in the Cigarettes industry across Algeria, providing marketing with essential data in order to understand their own position in the cigarettes and to identify where to compete in the future
Table of Content

Market Size
Cigarette Consumption, 1990-2013
Per Capita Consumption, 1990-2013
Contraband Sales, 2009-2012
Market Structure
Cigarette Consumption by Type: Plain vs Filter, 2000-2012
Manufacturers and Brands
Manufacturer Sales and Market Share, 2000-2013
SNTA: Domestic Brands, 2013
PMI: Brand Shares, 2007-2010
Taxation and Retail Prices
Retail Prices
Retail Prices of Selected Brands, December 2011 and January 2012
Cigarette and Tobacco Prices, 2001-2011
The Smoking Population
Smoking Population, 1990-2012
Production and Trade
Cigarette Production, 1990-2012
Cigarette Imports, 1990-2012
Imports by Country of Origin, 2001-2012
Cigarette Exports, 1991-2012
Cigarette Exports by Country of Destination, 2010-2012
Operating Constraints
Advertising Restrictions
Health Warnings
Other Restrictions
Company Profiles
Socit Nationale des Tabacs et Allumettes SpA (SNTA)
Prospects and Forecasts
Consumption Forecasts to 2022

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