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In an attempt at decarbonizing the worldwide energy system, governments of several nations have been promoting the espousal of cleaner energy generation to reduce carbon emissions. Wind power is an ideal energy solution that can fulfill the persistently rising demand for electricity not only for the flourishing transport sector, but also across various industrial verticals. Newer markets are sprouting rapidly across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, providing cost-efficient, clean energy, to promote sustainable development. A number of organizations and agencies have been investing in the setting up of wind energy plants in numerous regions. The development of numerous wind energy projects worldwide has been augmenting. This is likely to stoke the growth of the market.

The research reports on wind energy at ResearchMoz examine the key catalysts, challenges, and trends in the global market for wind energy. The major technological advancements in the domain of wind energy and expansion of production capacities and other business strategies of the market players across the world have been discussed in these reports.