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What the WRC 2017 Tells Us About the Industry Landscape of Service Robots and AI in China

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Dec 2017

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Consumer Electronics

No. of Pages : 16 Pages

Being held for the third consecutive year, the WRC (World Robot Conference) is an international convention and exhibition on robotics hosted by the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. The agenda of the 2017 conference consisted of forum, exhibition, and contest. While prestigious scholars and business leaders from China and all over world were invited to deliver speeches at the forum, the exhibition mainly showcased robots developed by Chinese vendors. The scope of this report focuses on the fields of service robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and seeks to learn more about the development trends of the Chinese vendors, thereby gaining a better understanding of the industry landscape of service robots and AI in China.

Table of Contents

1.A Considerable Number of Companies are Investing in Service Robots
1.1 Various Types of Products are Being Launched
1.2 Features are not Mature Enough

2. The Industry Chain of Service Robots is Taking Shape
2.1 Total Solutions Have Greatly Shortened the Time-to-market
2.2 Key Software and Components Have Facilitated the Development of Total Solutions

3. The Rise of Service Robot and AI Startups
MIC Perspective

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Table

Table 1. Service Robot Companies that Participated in Performance Tests 
Table 2. Service Robot and AI Startups in China     

List of Chart

Figure 1 Service Robots that Were Representative of the WRC 2017 Exhibition
Figure 2. The Industry Chain of Service Robots in China

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