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The water treatment market is anticipated to offer gains that could be fortified by the towering concerns about the presence of byproducts, chemicals, and contaminants in supply water as well as wastewater. While larger manufacturing and municipal markets are predicted to proliferate at strong rates, residential and commercial sectors could be listed under faster growing water treatment equipment markets. On account of an expansive demand in chemical processing, oil and gas, metal and mining, power generation, and municipal water treatment, North America is envisioned to attract unwavering attention in the global water treatment chemicals market.

The application of UV disinfection systems is forecasted to augment in the U.K. and the U.S. because of the need for wastewater treatments and chemical-free water. The India water treatment market could be supported by foreign investments from companies such as Va Tech Wabag, rising government initiatives, and surging want for potable water. Local municipalities are expected to expand their facility capacities as they make up some of the leading players in the water treatment market.

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