Warm Air Heaters Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis And Forecast, 2012 - 2018

Warm Air Heaters Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis And Forecast, 2012 - 2018

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Warm air heating is the recent replacement for traditional methods of water heating systems within the industrial arena. Warm air heaters are now largely becoming popular in residential areas with their increasing use in home heating applications and a number of other residential applications. The global market for warm air heaters is expected to witness significant growth in the coming few years with tremendous growth potential in new installations.
Warm air heaters force the air around the building and are used in industries and public spaces to increase efficiency by saving up to 20% energy. These systems are also referred to as HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

The warm air heaters and air conditioning systems market was valued at approximately USD 10.8 billion in 2009 which grew and reached the value of USD 24.5 billion in 2010 with gross profit of 28.64%. Warm air heating systems are expected to witness growing demand as a result of their increasing use in a number of industrial applications, and power generation, building heating, and process applications. 

The global market for warm air heaters is classified based on type as follows
  • Convection heaters
  • Radiant heaters 
  • Forced air heaters
  • Direct fired heaters
  • Indirect fired heaters
  • Electric forced air heaters 
  • Based on the end use application, warm air heating systems are categorized as 
  • Industrial
  • Power generation 
  • Process
  • Tunnels
  • Portable buildings
Warm air heating equipments are in growing demand in developed economies like North America and Europe owing to the rising use of these equipments in portable building and other residential applications. This industry is geographically distributed throughout the US, with Florida, Texas, and California having the largest number of industries. Florida remained the largest revenue generator for warm air heaters industry in the year 2010 accounting for about 22% of the total revenue generated by the US. This industry is also witnessing considerable growth rate in emerging economies like India and China due to growing use of air heating equipments in industrial applications. 

Growth of warm air heaters market is also expected to be driven by sales through non-traditional channels like Internet and changing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations (as phasing out of old refrigerants resulted in increased demand for replacement units). Restaurants, supermarkets, and high rise buildings are also expected to contribute significantly in the growth of this market. 

Some of the major players in the warm air heating market are AmbiRad Limited, Reznor UK, Dantherm A/S, Kroll UK Ltd., Kroll UK Ltd, Winterwarm BV, and others. 

With tremendous growth potential for this industry, more number of players are entering this industry, thus creating competition which is resulting in the development of new products with technological improvements. 

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