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VOIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol, and relates to the transfer of voice and other multimedia content on IP networks. In the recent past, for the sheer advantages that are offered by VOIP such as speed of content delivery, voice and video interactions, and numerous other possibilities, it has become essential for almost every organization. The demand for VOIP is widespread from multinational companies to mid and even small firms, and diverse across all regions and countries in the world. Moreover, with the extreme popularity of social media and ubiquity of smartphones, the demand for VOIP is expected to escalate even further in the near future.

The repository of ResearchMoz contains reports on VOIP markets across various verticals including global, regional, and country specific. Each report offers an in-depth analysis of the current scenario of the market and estimates the future opportunities available for the stakeholders of those markets. The report also identifies and profiles a number of leading market participants in order to represent the competitive landscape and the window of opportunity available for the entrance of new players. ResearhMoz’s repository also has segment based reports, exploring the markets for VoIP equipment, technology, and services in different regions and countries. Several survey reports year-wise status of the VoIP market are also available. Each report has been prepared using proven research methodologies and aspires to serve as a credible business document for stakeholder of the market. Top vendors of respective markets have also been identified by the reports.