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United States ICP Procedures Outlook to 2025

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Published Date : Nov 2018

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Medical Equipments

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United States ICP Procedures Outlook to 2025


GlobalDatas new report, United States ICP Procedures Outlook to 2025, provides key procedures data on the United States ICP Procedures. The report provides procedure volumes within market segment - ICP Procedures.

The data in the report is derived from dynamic market forecast models. GlobalData uses epidemiology based models to estimate and forecast the procedure volumes. The objective is to provide information that represents the most up-to-date data of the industry possible.

The epidemiology-based forecasting model makes use of epidemiology data gathered from research publications and primary interviews with physicians to establish the target patient population and treatment flow patterns for individual diseases and therapies. Using prevalence and incidence data and diagnosed and treated population, the epidemiology-based forecasting model arrives at the final numbers.

Extensive interviews are conducted with key opinion leaders (KOLs), physicians and industry experts to validate the procedure volumes.


- United States ICP Procedures volumes by segment - ICP Procedures.
- Projections for each of the market segment. Data is provided from 2015 to 2025.

Reasons to buy

- Develop business and investment strategies by identifying the key market segment expected to register strong growth in the near future.
- Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies.
1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 3
1.2 List of Figures 3
2 Introduction 4
2.1 What Is This Report About? 4
2.2 ICP Procedures Segmentation 4
2.3 Definitions of Procedures Covered in the Report 4
3 ICP Procedures, United States 5
3.1 ICP Procedures, United States, 2015-2025 5
4 Appendix 7
4.1 Research Methodology 8
4.1.1 Coverage 8
4.1.2 Secondary Research 8
4.1.3 Primary Research 9
4.1.4 Market Modeling and Forecasting 10
4.1.5 Company Share Analysis 11
4.1.6 Distribution Share Analysis 12
4.1.7 Benchmarking 12
4.2 GlobalData Consulting 12
4.3 Contact Us 13
4.4 Disclaimer 13

1.1 List of Tables
Table 1: ICP Procedures, United States, 2015-2020 6
Table 2: ICP Procedures, United States, 2021-2025 6
Table 3: Total Number of Primary Research Participants, Neurology Devices Market, by Country 10

1.2 List of Figures
Figure 1: ICP Procedures, United States, 2015-2025 5

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