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Unified communications (UC) technology involves integration of communication tools that enable people to exchange ideas so as to be more effective at work. This includes real-time communication services such as web and video conferencing, instant messaging, voice as well non-real-time communication services such as voicemail, SMS, e-mail.

UC allows a message to be sent via one medium and receive it via another medium. For example, a message received through voicemail can be accessed through cellphone or e-mail using unified communication technology.

The rising demand for unified communications from enterprises is propelling the unified communications market. Organizations are increasingly deploying unified communication solutions to acquire a world-class communication infrastructure. This is because unified communications facilitate real-time communication services needed for critical business operations. Besides this, enterprises are increasingly adopting unified communications solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The cost-effectiveness and time-efficient features of cloud are furthering the demand for unified communication solutions.