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Certainly, the automobile industry is the world’s leading driver when it comes to global economic growth. This industry involves significant research, development, and investment activity that has potentially created an immense scope of choices in the hearts of millions of people across the globe. Car manufacturers are constantly investing in advanced safety technology such as braking systems, lighting, and stability, along with finding alternative solutions such as hydrogen fuel cells, electricity, and clean diesel to run motor vehicles in the most environmentally friendly manner.  


Nonetheless, safety plays an extremely vital role when it comes to the automotive industry, and the Tire Industry is no exception to this context. Tires on commercial vehicles are one of the building-blocks of an automobile industry. They are expected to demonstrate reliability, effectiveness, and sturdiness when put to use. 


According to the leading market research reports in the automotive industry, the global Tire Industry is set to record a high-volume growth in the near future. ResearchMoz publishes the largest collection of Tire Markets industry-based research reports for you to see the industry’s best economic drivers, key buyers, supply chain, and tire markets that are present globally. Our reports provide key industry statistics and forecasts to augment future industry prospects related to the Tire Industry. 


Today, India has emerged as the largest tire markets industry in the world. This is due to the broad availability of ultramodern production facilities and raw materials such as natural rubber. 


Also, the current mounting demand for the use of tires in motorcycles and bicycles is very high in emerging nations and other developing regions, particularly in the Asia-Pacific countries. 


However, the use of tires is not limited to the aforementioned sectors, but is also widely employed in different sectors such as mining equipment, airline industry, construction, agriculture, defense, and more. All these aspects correspond to the ever-growing percentage of tire sales in the industrial, commercial, as well as other tire market segments.