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TrendSights Analysis: Retrophilia - A longing for the past as an antidote to the present and future

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Published Date : Aug 2017

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TrendSights Analysis: Retrophilia - A longing for the past as an antidote to the present and future


"TrendSights Analysis: Retrophilia", explores how FMCG brands can rejuvenate the past to appeal to curious and sentimental consumers.

Retrophilia reflects a love of things from the past, both from nostalgic consumers, and those who did not necessarily experience them the first time around but are curious. It reflects a desire to remember - or discover - a time when life was simpler, and the seemingly abundant concerns and problems plaguing modern society were - at least in the haze of hindsight - less severe.


- Globally, six in 10 consumers find food products that remind them of their childhood appealing.
- More than half of consumers believe grocery products from the past are better than new ones
- Familiarity and trustworthiness is a key purchase driver across FMCG, especially in personal care, with older, established brands well-placed to capitalize on the trend.

Reasons to buy

- Gain insight into the different routes through which brands can stimulate consumer demand by reviving, renewing, and reimagining the past.
- Understand what motivates consumers to try retro products.
- Compare the relevance of Retrophilia in each industry across the FMCG space, and learn what the key opportunities are.
- Identify the innovation implications of Retrophilia for your sector.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Trend Snapshot
What is Retrophilia?
Why is Retrophilia important?
Who is driving Retrophilia
How can Retrophilia be capitalized on?
What next in Retrophilia?


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