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Travel and Tourism in Austria to 2019

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Published Date : Mar 2015

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Travel Services

No. of Pages : 130 Pages

Travel and Tourism in Austria to 2019 provides detailed information on the Austrian tourism sector, analyzing market data and providing insights. This report provides a better understanding of tourism flows, tourist expenditure, airlines, hotels, car rental, and travel intermediaries industries.

The report brings together Travel and Tourism Intelligence Center's research, modeling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. This allows domestic and foreign companies to identify the market dynamics and to discover which segments will see growth in the coming years.

Key Findings
- Recovering from a significant drop in the number of tourists from 2010-2013, Austria's tourism sector flourished in 2014. The growth can be attributed to the country's income rise, increase in number of travelers from key target markets such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, Poland, Belgium and United Arab Emirates, efforts by Austrian National Tourism Office (ANTO) and new campaigns being launched to attract adventure as well as cultural tourists to the country.

- Austrian cities such as Vienna, Tyrol and Salzburg have proven to be a popular choice amongst European locations for hosting meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE). Rich culture, culinary options, UNESCO world heritage sites, advanced infrastructure and seminar hotels make these cities a perfect destination for corporate events. In 2013, Vienna alone recorded 3,389 congress and corporate events bringing around 501,337 delegates from across the world.

- Austria's inbound tourism grew during the historic period, as the number of international arrivals rose from 22 million in 2010 to 25.2 million in 2014, at a CAGR of 3.46%.There was a significant increase in the number of inbound tourists from Asia-Pacific namely China, South Korea, and Taiwan during the historic period.

- To support growing tourism, several new international chains are building luxurious as well as budget hotels in Austria. Motel One, Star Inn, Park Hyatt Vienna and Ruby Hotel Sofia will be open to tourists from 2015.
Increased demand and successful launches of new routes has led to an increase in frequency of flights to Newark, Tehran, Mauritius, Maldives and Frankfurt. Similarly introduction of new routes to African destinations since 2014 was a major step towards promoting tourism.

The report provides detailed market analysis, information, and insights, including:

- Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the entire AustrianTravel and Tourism sector

- Detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns in Austria for various categories in the Travel and Tourism sector, such as accommodation, sightseeing and entertainment, foodservice, transportation, retail, travel intermediaries, and others

- Detailed market classification across each category, with analysis using similar metrics

- Detailed analysis of the airline, hotel, car rental, and travel intermediaries industries

- Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to the AustrianTravel and Tourism sector

- Understand the demand-side dynamics within theAustrianTravel and Tourism sector, along with key market trends and growth opportunities

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Key Trends and Issues
1.1.1 Meetings, incentives, conferences and events tourism
1.1.2 Campaigns designed to attract tourists
1.1.3 Infrastructure development
2 The Travel and Tourism Sector in Context
2.1 Tourist attractions
3 Country Fact Sheet
4 Tourism Flows
4.1 The Market
4.1.1 Domestic tourism
4.1.2 Inbound tourism
4.1.3 Outbound tourism
4.2 Key Developments
4.2.1 Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Events
4.2.2 Medical tourism
4.2.3 Ski Again. Welcome back to the slopes.TM
4.2.4 Austria's new wage law would threaten Ski chalet holidays
4.2.5 Austria, Moments of Bliss campaign
4.2.6 International trade fairs, events and games
4.3 Canadean View
4.3.1 Domestic tourism
4.3.2 Inbound tourism
4.3.3 Outbound tourism
5 Airlines
5.1 The Market
5.2 Key Developments
5.2.1 Increase in frequency and addition of new routes
5.2.2 JetSmarter Inc. partners with GlobeAir
5.3 Competitive Landscape
5.4 Canadean View
6 Hotels
6.1 The Market
6.2 Key Developments
6.2.1 Hotel development pipeline
6.2.2 Deals
6.3 Competitive Landscape
6.4 Canadean View
7 Car Rental
7.1 The Market
7.2 Key Developments
7.2.1 Lack of alternatives and high safety parameters
7.3 Competitive Landscape
7.4 Canadean View
8 Travel Intermediaries
8.1 The Market
8.2 Key Developments
8.2.1 Deals
8.2.2 Online channel
8.3 Canadean View
9 Tourism Board Profile
9.1 Tourist Board Description
9.2 Target Market
10 Airport Profiles
10.1 Austrian Airports
10.1.1 Overview
10.1.2 Operator profile
10.1.3 Routes
11 Company Profiles - Airlines
11.1 Company Profile: Austrian Airlines AG
11.1.1 Austrian Airlines AG - company overview
11.1.2 Austrian Airlines AG - business description
11.1.3 Austrian Airlines AG - main services and brands
11.1.4 Austrian Airlines AG - history
11.1.5 Austrian Airlines AG - SWOT analysis
11.1.6 Austrian Airlines AG - strengths
11.1.7 Austrian Airlines AG - weaknesses
11.1.8 Austrian Airlines AG - opportunities
11.1.9 Austrian Airlines AG - threats
11.1.10 Austrian Airlines AG - key employees
11.2 Company Profile: NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH
11.2.1 NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH - company overview
11.2.2 NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH - main services and brands
11.2.3 NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH - key employees
11.3 Company Profile: Deutsche Lufthansa AG
11.3.1 Deutsche Lufthansa AG - company overview
11.3.2 Deutsche Lufthansa AG - main services
11.3.3 Deutsche Lufthansa AG - key employees
12 Company Profiles - Hotels
12.1 Company Profile: ACCOR Hotelbetriebsges.m.b.H
12.1.1 ACCOR Hotelbetriebsges.m.b.H. - Company overview
12.1.2 ACCOR Hotelbetriebsges.m.b.H - main services
12.1.3 ACCOR Hotelbetriebsges.m.b.H - key employees
12.2 Company Profile: Best Western International, Inc.
12.2.1 Best Western International, Inc. - company overview
12.2.2 Best Western International, Inc. - main services and brands
12.2.3 Best Western International, Inc. - key employees
12.3 Company Profile: Best Wellness Hotel
12.3.1 Best Wellness Hotel- company overview
12.3.2 Best Wellness Hotel - main services
12.3.3 Best Wellness Hotel - key employees
12.4 Company Profile: Design Hotels
12.4.1 Design Hotels - company overview
12.4.2 Design Hotels - main services
12.4.3 Design Hotels - key employees
13 Company Profiles - Car Rental
13.1 Company Profile: Sixt GmbH Austria
13.1.1 Sixt GmbH Austria - company overview
13.1.2 Sixt GmbH Austria - main services
13.1.3 Sixt GmbH Austria - key employees
13.2 Company Profile: Hertz Global Holding, Inc.
13.2.1 Hertz Global Holding, Inc. - company overview
13.2.2 Hertz Global Holding, Inc. - main services
13.2.3 Hertz Global Holding, Inc. - key employees
13.3 Company Profile: Avis Autovermietung Gesellschaft m. b. H.
13.3.1 Avis Autovermietung Gesellschaft m. b. H.- company overview
13.3.2 Avis Autovermietung Gesellschaft m. b. H.- main services
13.3.3 Avis Autovermietung Gesellschaft m. b. H.- key employees
13.4 Company Profile: Europcar Austria
13.4.1 Europcar Austria

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