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Globally, tobacco products are consumed on a large scale. The Tobacco Industry constitutes players that grow, source, and process tobacco; manufacture tobacco products; and package, transport, and distribute these products. From reconstituted tobacco to cigars to cigarettes to chewing tobacco, this industry encompasses a wide variety of products. 


Behind every finished tobacco product, there are a myriad of essential processes that employ tens of thousands of workers worldwide. For instance, the process begins with growing, stemming, sorting and drying/curing tobacco. The material, in its raw form, is sourced by manufacturers of tobacco products that transform it into various types of end products. The end products are then distributed locally, nationally or globally to wholesalers or retailers before they finally reach the customer. This industry is global in nature as the tobacco plant can be cultivated virtually anywhere in the world, with the exception of regions such as Antarctica. 


Cigarettes occupy the largest share in this market, by product. The tobacco industry comprises several large, globally-dominant players that hold a large percentage of the global market share. However, operations in this industry aren’t without their share of risks. Tobacco manufacturers have had to bear the brunt of increasing awareness about the fact that tobacco causes cancer. Anti-smoking bills, smoking bans in public places, and advertising restrictions on tobacco products in most countries worldwide have further impacted sales, and subsequently, profitability.


That having been said, the fact remains that tobacco manufacturers help their respective economies by contributing a substantial volume of sales tax each year. To help you delve deeper into the dynamics of the Tobacco Industry, ResearchMoz brings you a comprehensive collection of market research reports by leading publishers.