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Tobacco Company Profile - Tabacuba

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Published Date : Nov 2016

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Tobacco Products

No. of Pages : 24 Pages

Tabacuba, or Grupo Empresarial de Tabaco de Cuba (Union of Tobacco Companies of Cuba), is the dominant cigarette manufacturer in Cuba and 100% state-owned by the Government of Cuba. The company established joint ventures; Habanos SA is responsible for distribution and international sale of cigars worldwide and Brascuba is responsible for the production of cigarettes for sale via hard currency markets and also for export.

Key Findings
- Tabacuba was established in July 2000 and was made responsible for every aspect of the Cuban tobacco industry

- Tabacuba concentrates mainly on the production of dark cigarettes, manufactured from locally grown tobacco but some blond cigarettes are also produced

- The company's export sales are limited with Spain and Brazil the main destinations of cigarettes exported from Cuba

- Tabacuba is one of nine Central State Enterprise Management Corporations (OSDE) associated with the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture

- Brascuba covers many international markets, including Spain, Brazil, Dubai, Andorra, Albania, Germany, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, Jamaica, and Russia

"Tobacco Company Profile Tabacuba" is an analytical report by Canadean that provides extensive and highly detailed facts about Tabacuba company.

What else does this report offer?

- Corporate structure and financial highlights of Tabacuba company

- Cigarette Business Review

- Company's main markets

- Company Strengths, Strategies & Performance

Reasons To Buy
- Get a detailed understanding of Tabacuba and the markets this company covers

- Identify the areas of growth and opportunities in the markets that Tabacuba covers

- Understand the facts behind the success of Tabacuba and the business model of this company

- Get detailed analysis of the company Strengths, Strategies & Performance

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Key Company Facts
3 Corporate Structure
3.1 Ownership
3.2 Organization
4 Financial Highlights
5 Business Profile Review
5.1 Overview
5.2 Cuba
5.3 International Markets
6 Other Tobacco Business
8.2 Cigars
7 Company Strengths, Strategies & Performance
8 Appendix
8.1 What is this Report About?
8.2 Product Category Coverage
8.3 Methodology
8.4 About Canadean
8.5 Disclaimer

List of Tables
Table 1: Key Company Facts
Table 2: Brascuba: Financial Highlights, 2000-2009
Table 3: Tabacuba: Global Cigarette Sales & Share Development, 2000-2015
Table 4: Cuba: Market Size, Company Share & Sales Volume, 2000-2015
Table 5: Tabacuba: Export Sales, 2001-2015

List of Figures
Figure 1: Methodology

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