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The Worldwide 3D IC Market and Major Supply Chain Players in Taiwan

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Nov 2015

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Supply chain

No. of Pages : 48 Pages

3D IC has the advantages of high density, low power loss and high performance; it utilizes three-dimensional stack architecture to meet the future demand for compact and slim electronic products, and continues Moore's Law of the semiconductor industry. As Taiwan possesses the complete vertical supply chain for semiconductors, the country is suitable for developing three-dimensional stacking technology products, and is helpful in the integration of the semiconductor industry and technology rooting. This report provides an overview of the worldwide 3D IC market, touching on major application and regional markets, and major vendors of 3D IC key components in Taiwan.

Table of Contents

1. Worldwide 3D IC Market

1.1 Application Sectors
1.1.1 Consumer Electronics
1.1.2 ICT
1.1.3 Transportation (Automobiles and Aerospace)
1.1.4 Military
1.1.5 Others (Biomedical applications and R&D)
1.2 Regional Markets
1.2.1 North America
1.2.2 Europe
1.2.3 Asia Pacific
1.2.4 Rest of the World
1.3 Summary of the Worldwide 3D IC Market

2. Development of Key 3D IC Component Technologies and Vendors in Taiwan
2.1 Photolithography
2.1.1 Overview of the Technology
2.1.2 Supply Chain Players
2.2 Dry Etching
2.2.1 Overview of the Technology
2.2.2 Supply Chain Players
2.3 Wet Etching/Cleaning
2.3.1 Overview of the Technology
2.3.2 Supply Chain Players
2.4 Coating
2.4.1 Overview of the Technology
2.4.2 Supply Chain Players
2.5 Bonding
2.5.1 Overview of the Technology
2.5.2 Supply Chain Players
2.6 Packaging and Testing
2.6.1 Overview of the Technology
2.6.2 Supply Chain Players
2.7 Summary

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Table


List of Chart

Figure 1: Worldwide 3D IC Market Value Contributed by Consumer Electronics Sector
Figure 2: Worldwide 3D IC Market Value Contributed by ICT Sector
Figure 3: Worldwide 3D IC Market Value Contributed by Transportation Sector
Figure 4: Worldwide 3D IC Market Value Contributed by Military Sector
Figure 5: Worldwide 3D IC Market Value Contributed by Other Sectors
Figure 6: Worldwide 3D IC Market in 2012 and 2019 by Application Market
Figure 7: Taiwanese 3D IC Equipment Supply Chain
Figure 8: Temporary Bonding
Figure 9: Laser De-bonding
Figure 10: Illustration of CoWoS

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