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The Next Generation of Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies - Understanding All of the Strategic Considerations Needed in the Age of Multiple Stakeholders

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CBR Pharma Insights

Published Date : Mar 2012

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Advertising and Marketing

No. of Pages : 46 Pages

Pharmaceuticals save lives. They prevent more serious, life changing conditions, they prevent surgery, and they improve the quality of life for many patients. The environment in which these products are developed and commercialized is in a period of great transformation. Lacking a crystal ball, the industry as a whole is navigating through unchartered waters.

Multiple factors are driving the need for industry-wide change. One of the biggest contributors is the escalating cost of healthcare. In an effort to stop and reverse this trend a great emphasis is being placed on improving the delivery of care and outcomes for patients. In addition, the number of stakeholders involved in treatment decisions has expanded beyond the physician to include payers and patients. These are just two examples of the external realities that pharmaceutical marketers have to consider as they develop their competitive strategies.

The report, The Next Generation of Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies - Understanding All of the Strategic Considerations Needed in the Age of Multiple Stakeholders, has been written to support companies with their strategic marketing plans. Through the use of primary and secondary marketing research, CBR Pharma Insights provides insights & analysis to help teams, business units, and companies maximize revenues while staying true to the goals that have been set up corporate-wide throughout their organization.


- Impact Analysis of changes in the healthcare landscape on the marketing of pharmaceuticals
- Pharmaceutical marketing and the changing business environment
- Review of business critical areas for strategic consideration

Key Reasons to Purchase

- Benefit from the analysis of CBRs primary market research done with 200 US-based physicians which include PCPs, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, and Neurologists
- Understand where marketing strategies have remained consistent with the past while learning where new approaches must be taken in order to be successful
- Gain insights into the critical areas that need strategic consideration when looking to establish your brand or business units marketing plans
- Learn which digital marketing opportunities should be considered based on how physicians are using the new tools available to them
- Ensure your marketing strategy is complete in reaching the multiple stakeholders involved in making the treatment decision
Executive Summary


Changes in the healthcare landscape are transforming the way pharmaceuticals are marketed
An increased focus on health outcomes
Multiple stakeholders influencing treatment decisions
The emergence of customer-centric firms
A shift towards targeted medicine

Marketings role in the changing business environment
Classic skills required of a marketer have not changed
Realization of goals depends upon a sound strategy
Strategic vs. marketing planning: Big Picture vs. Brass Tacks
Segmentation continues to be an important tool for marketers

Three business critical areas for strategic consideration
Improve health outcomes
Consider all stakeholders in strategic decisions
Engage the customer


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