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The Graphene Opportunity Report

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Published Date : Aug 2013

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No. of Pages : 140 Pages

A decade ago when we published the first edition of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report, there were predictions of untold riches for early investors, the replacement of all manufacturing as we know it, and the mythical trillion-dollar market. 

Cientifica went against the grain by predicting that it would be hard for anyone to make money from nanomaterials, and that the real value would be in the applications. This has been borne out by the failure of even large global companies such as Mitsubishi Chemical and Bayer to make much headway with fullerenes and carbon nanotubes, and the failure of countless smaller nanomaterials producers. 

On the other hand companies making use of nanomaterials, Germany’s Magforce Technologies and the US based BIND Therapeutics have shown what can be achieved when nanomaterials are applied to large addressable markets, in this case drug delivery. 

Is Graphene The New Nanotech? 

A similar amount of hype currently surrounds graphene, with wild predictions of applications ranging from microelectronics to water treatment. 

The Graphene Opportunity Report examines these claims and taking the rational approach for which Cientifica is known, considers how valid these are and evaluates the chances of success. 

We also look in detail at the graphene producers. Graphene comes in a wide range of forms, each with its own particular set of addressable applications. No one producer covers all applications and many are destined to be niche players. As with nanomaterials, many companies currently producing graphene are destined to burn brightly and then be unceremoniously snuffed out when scale up or access to applications fails to materialise.
Table of Content

A Brief History of Carbon Nanomaterials
Can Graphene Succeed Where Fullerenes Failed?
Carbon Nanotubes

Types of Graphene
Derived Graphenes
Synthetic Graphenes

Large-Scale Production
Applications of Graphene
The Graphene Opportunity
Graphene Production
Graphene Applications

Advanced Materials
Key Applications
SWOT Analysis Table for Advanced Materials
Paints & Coatings
Barrier Films
EMI Shielding
Opportunities for Paints & Coatings

Opportunities for Membranes

Structural Composites
Opportunities in Structural Composites

Key Applications
SWOT Analysis Table for Transistors
Digital Transistors
RF Transistors
Large Area Transistors
Opportunities in Transistors
Market Estimates
Flexible Electronics
SWOT Analysis Table for Flexible Electronics
ITO Replacement for Transparent Conductors
Market Estimates
Conductive Inks
Market Estimates
Opportunities in Flexible Electronics
Electronic Components
SWOT Analysis Table for Electronic Components
Market Estimates
Opportunities in Electronic Components

Photonics & Optoelectronics
Key Applications
SWOT Analysis Table for Photonic and Sensors
Opportunities in Photodetectors
Market Estimates
Optical Modulators
Opportunities in Optical Modulators
Market Estimates
Mode-locked Laser
Opportunities for Mode-locked Lasers
Market Estimates
Optical Polarization Controllers
Opportunities for Optical Polarization Controllers
Market Estimates

Biomedical Applications
Key Applications
SWOT Analysis Table for Biomedical Applications
Drug Delivery
Opportunities in Drug Delivery
Market Estimates
Gene Therapy
Opportunities in Gene Therapy
Market Estimates
Tissue Engineering
Opportunities in Tissue Engineering
Market Estimates
Biosensing & Imaging
Opportunities in Biosensing
Market Estimates
Opportunities in Bioimaging
Market Estimates

Power Storage & Generation
Key Applications
SWOT Analysis Table for Energy Storage
Lithium-ion Batteries
Lithium-metal Batteries
Opportunities in Energy Storage
Market Estimates
Li-ion batteries
Li-metal batteries
SWOT Analysis Table for Energy Generation
Fuel Cells
Opportunities in Energy Generation
Market Estimates
Fuel Cells
Key Applications
SWOT Analysis Table for Sensors
Chemical Sensors
Gas Sensors
Electrochemical Sensors
Opportunities in Chemical Sensors
Gas Sensors
Electrochemical Sensors
Market Estimates
Photoelectric Sensors
Opportunities in Photoelectric Sensors
Market Estimates
Magnetic Field Sensors
Opportunities in Magnetic Field Sensors
Market Estimates
Mechanical Sensors
Mass Sensors
Strain Sensors
Opportunities in Mechanical Sensors
Market Estimates

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