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The Fields and Funding of AI Startups Worldwide

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Jul 2017

Category :

Consumer Electronics

No. of Pages : 21 Pages

The Smart Machine Age is arriving. During this shift from information computerization to AI (Artificial Intelligence), many AI-based startups were founded, and are fighting for market share in the booming market. The objective of this report is to understand the impact of the AI trend and offer insights for future investment decisions. To this end, we have studied the scope of technologies, fields of application, and equity-based fundraising of AI startups around the world.
Table of Contents

1. AI as Engine of Growth in the Smart Machine Age

2.The Scope of Technologies for AI

3.Research and Analysis of AI Startups and its Funding
3.1 Research Sample Source
3.2 The Scope of Technologies and Fields of Application of AI Startups
3.3 Fundraising Situations
3.4 AI Technologies in the General Field

4.1 AI Startups are Building Capabilities and Solutions to Stand Out
4.2 As AI Technologies Advance and Become Popularized, Business Applications are on the Rise
4.3 Investments Have Poured into the Supply-Side, Driving the Upgrading and Transformation of the More Reserved Demand-Side
4.4 The Key to AI Success is to Ensure Perfect Convergence of Rising AI Technologies and Industrial Knowledge
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