The Arts and Crafts Consumer - US - January 2017

The Arts and Crafts Consumer - US - January 2017

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  • January 2017
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Report Description

Consumers today are crafting at similar rates to years past, with 59% of adults being categorized as a crafter. However, interest in traditional craft projects, such as photography and scrapbooking, continue to see slight declines in participation year after year, likely giving rise to less traditional types of crafting projects. Facing increased competition from online marketplaces, specialty crafts stores can differentiate themselves by playing up strengths, crafting knowledge, and expertise. Online marketplaces, on the other hand, are able to distinguish themselves for their convenience and digital prowess.

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Table of Content


What you need to know

Executive Summary
The issues
Older adults are less likely to craft, and when they do, they are set in their ways
Figure 1: Any arts and crafts made in the last 12 months and number of types, by generation, October 2016
Non-parents – particularly men – are less likely than parents to participate
Figure 2: Any arts and crafts made in the last 12 months, by gender and parental status, October 2016
Young adults more easily frustrated, leave projects unfinished
Figure 3: Attitudes toward crafting – Expectations, by generation, October 2016
The opportunities
Young adults can be influenced to increase their frequency of crafting
Figure 4: Factors that would increase crafting – Any, all vs crafter by generation, October 2016
Consumer reviews are important to most when choosing an arts and crafts retailer
Figure 5: Retailer influencers for craft supply purchases – Reviews, by generation, October 2016
Moving residences and crafting go hand-in-hand
Figure 6: Craft-related activities done in last 12 months – Select items, by crafter recent movers and all, October 2016
What it means

The Market – What You Need to Know
Traditional crafting activities decline slightly among adults, contemporary crafts attract greater participation
Half of teens and kids participate in traditional arts and crafts
18-44s, women, parents are the most likely adult crafters
Digital channels allow crafters to explore other projects, showcase their own creations
The arts and crafts market requires attention from digital brands

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