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The Textile Industry is comprised of enterprises that produce, process, design, and sell cloth and yarn. These textiles could be made using raw material such as cotton, wool, silk, or any other synthetic material. The textile industry is expanding in all directions at a rapid pace, thanks to a growing demand for clothing across the globe. Textile manufacturing equipment is being modernized and this has resulted in better operational efficiencies.


The Textile Industry is sensitive to prices, making it imperative for manufacturers to maintain a fine balance between pricing and profitability. The rapid growth of the Textile Industry in China, India, Brazil, Italy and others has spurred a demand for textile manufacturing machinery. As textile production hubs, these countries have also registered high export figures year-on-year.


While there has been a demand for synthetic textiles in the past few decades, the demand trend is now increasingly shifting towards natural and eco-friendly fiber, as consumers are now aware that the products they use directly affect the environment. Among natural fibers such as wool, jute, silk and cotton, the demand for the latter is the highest in the textile manufacturing sector. 


At the same time, certain changes are anticipated in the Textile Industry with the implementation of regulations such as the REACH Regulation for Textiles.


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