Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Customer experience is paramount for us. Therefore, our business ethics and core values reflect transparency and customer supremacy every step of the way. In line with our philosophy, we have directed all efforts towards creating a hassle-free experience and an outcome of this is a deep-dive into detailed terms and conditions of our business transactions. These are available for your kind perusal below.

It is important to note here that we have the sole rights to makes changes to these details as and when required by the company. Therefore, we realize that this is absolutely crucial for us to make any and all changes to our terms and conditions public. At any point of time, the details spelled out on the website will be considered applicable to operations and transactions. This translates as – an order placed with the company at any particular time will have the following (current) terms and conditions applicable to the transaction.

Electronic Communications

Trust is a powerful driving force for us and we strive to build it among our consumers by ensuring they always come first. And, therefore our efforts towards effective and meaningful communication are solid and continuous. Our communication policy stands testimony to it. It is noteworthy here that any request, message or query raised through the website or electronic mail is considered electronic communication. Reach out from our end is done via emails, website announcements, disclaimers, and notices. This paves way for an understanding that the customer or user agrees that communication made by us via electronic mode is in writing.


Content on our website and in our reports, including all data and material -from texts, graphics, and statistics to audio clips, video materials, analysis, insights and others –is the sole property of the company. The data and material is protected by international copyright laws. Furthermore, the company holds sole ownership of technical and technological tools and the all software on the website. International copyright laws protect them as well.

By conducting business transaction with us or by communicating with us, you agree that you will not share content, data, material – in part or full – with any third party. The material that should not be shared is inclusive of video, tool, audio, software, images, graphics, data, or anything else received or gained from the company.

In order to do so, mandatory written permission from the company is required. In case of discrepancies, or breach of any legality, the company reserves the right to initiate action. The action can be in its own power or a legal suit.

Delivery and Payments

As an exhaustive repository of market reports across industry verticals, the company provides customers with both personalized and all-encompassing common products. All orders are processed post full payment only. The company does not deal in part payments or credit in any circumstance.It is also worth noting here that the company takes about 3-5 days to process the order. Additionally, copy of the product is delivered to the physical location as per postal address and another copy is provided on the email. In the former mode of delivery, time for receiving copy varies based on location.

As per as cancellation are concerned, note that the company does not promote such transactions. However, considering that certain circumstances might force one to cancel an order, we provide company credits to the canceller. The amount of the credit will be the same as that of the product. Reimbursement of payment is not done under any circumstance. Credits are supposed to be use within a year.

License and Website Access

A business transaction with the company comes with certain guidelines and riders. Once a transaction is complete, a limited access link is provided to the customer. The company reserves rights to revoke access at any time.

The company holds rights to take a legal action against a customer if he/she uses the link to portray in a derogatory manner the company, its values, management or any of its associates.The right also extends to the case of a customer downloading or modifying any tool or content from the website or report, or link. Legal action can also be taken by the company in case the customer tries to sell, or resell any part or component of the material provided by the company or present anywhere on the electronic or other media.

Note that mining data from the website using bots for commercial or personal or other purposes is prohibited completely. Besides, use of its logo, proprietary information, copyright, or other information is not permitted by the company for personal or commercial use.Information gained from reports or website of the company on social media can only be shared after receiving written consent from the company and it also requires due attribution to source. Information shared on social media platforms without consent and attribution will be ground for legal actions.

Accuracy and Credibility

The company adds the best of the market research reports to its exhaustive repository and ensures that the latest material and insights are available for market players – businesses that may be small, medium and large. Greta care is taken in bringing to the customers the best that is available. However, if there is an error, it is only a human attribute. Therefore, no honest company can ever guarantee 100% error-free product, and neither do we. However, like all trustworthy and diligent companies, we leave no stone unturned to only provide the customers with the best available.

Third Party Content

The company uses its own tools and content and also uses data and information from third party websites. However, though the links to these can often be found, the company does not hold responsibility for verity, form or quality for the same.Additionally, the company does not hold responsibility for damage caused to the customer monetarily, product-wise or otherwise if caused by third party content or website.


The company or its associates do not take responsibility for any loss incurred on the professional or personal front. Therefore, we are not bound by any legal liabilities. Customer, therefore, by entering into a business transaction, agrees to not hold the company liable for loss incurred by him/her.

Law of the Land

A business agreement or transaction with the company entails an agreement to abide by the laws and regulations prescribed the Government of Maharashtra and the Government of India. The law of the land would apply in case of failure to abide by these is noted.