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Rural and remote areas have a shortage of physicians and this is providing huge opportunity for the telemedicine market. The deployment of telemedicine services in these areas will help in fluffing the unmet needs of millions of patients in developing nations, thus boosting the global telemedicine market. The high prevalence of chronic diseases is pushing the demand for telemedicine further. The increased use and penetration of smartphones is also driving the market. The growing need for improved and quality services and an increase in the geriatric population worldwide will lead to a surge in the demand for telemedicine services. However, uneven distribution of telecom network in remote and rural areas is posing a challenge for the market. In addition to this, high cost of these services is another obstacle, especially for the cost sensitive countries. Key players operating in the global telemedicine market include: Agfa HealthCare NV, Polycom Corp., AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc., and Honeywell HomMed LLC.