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Telco digital transformation: Lessons from the worlds most powerful digital companies

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Pyramid Research

Published Date : Jan 2017

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No. of Pages : 60 Pages

“Telco Digital Transformation: Lessons from the world’s most powerful digital companies”, a thematic research report, examines effective strategies for telcos to capitalize on the explosive growth in the consumption of digital services. The report identifies key lessons in digital prowess from major brands including Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon that have led the value shift from technology provision to enablement, and provides and in-depth analysis of telco strategies to transform their internal operations, coming up with new technology use cases and exploring new service and revenue models. 

Key Findings

  • The world’s leaders in market capitalization show us how disruptive digital strategies can produce remarkable growth opportunities for the business. Apple and Google taught us how to pioneer revolutionary business models. Amazon showed us how to masterfully virtualize a brick-and-mortar industry, and Facebook transformed the definition of content services, putting the user as the central author.
  • Telecom service providers know first-hand the impact of the digital revolt, as SMS and traditional voice services become increasingly replaced by IP-based voice and messaging apps such as Skype and WhatsApp. Telcos have been catalysts of the transformation of mobile devices from communications tools to life management hubs. Yet, to thrive in the digital economy requires far more than technology or product prowess-- it calls for entirely novel service models.
  • To secure a profitable slice of the new digital domain, telecom service providers need to transform how they deliver services, content and apps. Telco digital transformation begins with a digital corporate culture to drive the discovery of new innovation engines, disruptive business models and digitally-smart customer relationship platforms. Telecom companies that can turn the challenge of digital transformation into profitable opportunities will prevail. 


The “Telco digital transformation: Lessons from the world’s most powerful digital companies” report analyzes the growth drivers of digital services, strategies of leading digital companies, as well as case studies on the digital transformation of four major telecom services providers.  Data and insights are derived through a mix of desk-based secondary research and qualitative primary research. 

The report is structured as follows:

Section 1: Market context – digital services growth drivers and trends. This section provides a high-level overview of the growth drivers of digital services and the impact of the rise of digital brands on the traditional telecom service provider model.

Section 2: Lessons in digital prowess – GAFA strategies. Here we examine the market approach and strategies of four leading digital companies – Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple – with a special focus on their key business values and success factors. 

Section 3: Case studies – Telco approaches to digital transformation. We continue with a review of the strategies and programs that leading telecom companies AT&T, China Telecom, Orange and Verizon are putting in place to create profitable growth amidst the business disruption brought about by successful digital service providers. 

Section 4: Key findings and recommendations. We conclude the report with a set of key findings on the core values and success factors of digital leaders, and strategy recommendations for telecom services providers.

Reasons To Buy

  • “Telco digital transformation: Lessons from the world’s most powerful digital companies” examines best practices of four of the world’s leading companies to help telecom executives develop effective growth strategies, make informed strategic business decisions and optimize return on investment.
  • The report provides valuable insights about effective corporate values, innovation programs, organizational strategies and revenue models that can help service providers transform their operational models and profit from the digital opportunity.
  • The report’s case studies provide real examples of market approaches and strategies being employed by leading telcos to build revenue opportunities in the digital age, related to their internal organizations, their ecosystem development and revenue creation.

Table of Contents

Executive summary

Section 1: Digital services market context
Report scope
Growth drivers of the digital economy
Technological disruption powers digital services
Mobility becomes the focus of digital innovation
Consumer empowerment bolsters digital
New business imperatives rationalize transformation

Section 2: Lessons in digital prowess
Challenging the telecom operator’s business
The digital company value system
Amazon strategy overview 15
Lesson 1: Customer obsession
Lesson 2: A passion for invention
Lesson 3: Long term intelligence
Apple strategy overview 19
Lesson 1: Passion for innovation
Lesson 2: A culture of excellence
Lesson 3: Intuitive seamless experiences
Facebook strategy overview 23
Lesson 1: Build it and they will come
Facebook strategy overview 23
Lesson 2: Zeal for big data and research
Lesson 3: Think big, invest in the future
Google strategy overview 27
Lesson 1: User-first mentality
Lesson 2: Enable ecosystem
Lesson 3: Fund emerging businesses

Section 3: Telco approaches to digital 
Telco approaches to digital transformation
China Telecom

Section 4: Key Findings & Recommendations 
Summary of findings
GAFA core values
GAFA success factors
Telco digital strategies
Companies mentioned

List of Table


List of Chart

Exhibit 1: Report scope 
Exhibit 2: Growth drivers of the digital-first economy 
Exhibit 3: Fixed broadband speeds, 2015-2020 
Exhibit 4: Big data volume growth, 2015-2020 
Exhibit 5: Mobile traffic growth by application 
Exhibit 6: Google ad click share by device 
Exhibit 7: Crowd-sourcing example, Starbucks 
Exhibit 8: Challenges and opportunities created by digital 
Exhibit 9: Impact of digital companies on telecoms 
Exhibit 10: Core values of leading digital companies 
Exhibit 11: Amazon strategies by principle 
Exhibit 12: Enriching the ‘Amazon Prime” value proposition 
Exhibit 13: Amazon innovation milestones 
Exhibit 14: Amazon sales growth, 2014-2016 
Exhibit 15: Apple strategies by principle 
Exhibit 16: Apple R&D expenditures 
Exhibit 17: Numbers don’t lie: Apple’s financials 
Exhibit 18: Value elements of Apple’s ecosystem 
Exhibit 19: Apple seamless experience examples 
Exhibit 20: Facebook strategies by principle 
Exhibit 21: Facebook as platform provider 
Exhibit 22: Facebook innovation engines 
Exhibit 23: Facebook R&D expenditures, 2014-2016 
Exhibit 24: Facebook 10-year plan
Exhibit 25: Google strategies by principle 
Exhibit 26: Google seamless integration examples 
Exhibit 27: Google enabling platforms 
Exhibit 28: Google R&D expenditure growth 
Exhibit 29: Telco digital strategies 
Exhibit 30: Verizon digital strategies by focus area 
Exhibit 31: Verizon IoT applications ecosystem 
Exhibit 32: Net digital advertising revenue share, 2016 
Exhibit 33: Select Verizon innovation investments 
Exhibit 34: CT digital strategies by focus area 
Exhibit 35: CT digital services provision roadmap 
Exhibit 36: Select CT solutions partnerships 
Exhibit 37: CT strategic focus areas, 2016 
Exhibit 38: Orange digital strategies by focus area 
Exhibit 39: Digital transformation of Orange operations 
Exhibit 40: Percent of digital interactions – Orange 
Exhibit 41: Orange strategic focus areas 
Exhibit 42: Orange startup accelerator efforts 
Exhibit 43: AT&T digital strategies by focus area 
Exhibit 44: AT&T re-designed workspaces 
Exhibit 45: ‘AT&T Foundry’ program 
Exhibit 46: AT&T smart home and connected car
Exhibit 47: Success legacy of digital leaders 
Exhibit 48: GAFA common values 
Exhibit 49: GAFA digital enablers

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