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SWOT analysis stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. It is a basic and a straightforward tool that assesses the qualities of an organization and their abilities in what it can and cannot possibly do. 


The basic concept of SWOT analysis is to retrieve the information from an environmental analysis and distribute it in two parts internal and external issues. Internal consists of (strengths and weaknesses) and external issues consist of (threats and opportunities). This activity is designed to identify the positives and negatives inside and outside a particular organization, in turn developing a full awareness of both the situations – decision-making and strategic planning. Conducting SWOT analysis may assist a company in achieving its objectives and certain goals, and may also help in overcoming or minimizing its obstacles to achieve its planned results. 


SWOT analysis was primarily developed for industry and business; however, it is now equally useful in contributing its effectiveness to industries like education, health and development, medical, and even personal growth. The simplicity of using SWOT analysis as a tool for success has set a long track record of effectiveness in the industry.  

To get fruitful and objective results, this analytical method is best conducted by a group of people with various stakes and perspectives in a certain company. It is a healthy and interactive process and an opportunity to bring a team and staff together and encourage their utmost participation in the overall activity and show adherence to the company’s resulting strategy too. 


Such brainstorming reports are compiled and created by efficient research analysts that not only develop each section of the SWOT analysis, but through their reports they also contribute key information about certain areas of the industry with the help of which a firm can compete with its best competitors.  


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