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Super League In-Depth Analysis: Deutsche Bank Wealth Management 2016

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Verdict Financial

Published Date : Oct 2016

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Following the appointment of new CEO John Cryan, Deutsche Bank announced a fundamental restructure of its business units and management in October 2015, which came into effect in January 2016. Now the banks wealth management division sits within the Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients (PW&CC) division, which is one of four main business segments. Despite the profitability issues at group level thanks to a host of problems including a fundamentally unprofitable investment bank, weak capitalization, steep restructuring costs, and a litany of litigation woes the banks wealth business has been profitable, albeit weakened.

Key Findings
-As of January 2016, Deutsche Banks wealth management division sits within the PW&CC division, which is one of four main business segments. Prior to this, the banks wealth unit was part of its asset management division.

-In September 2016 Deutsche Bank and Raymond James finalized the sale of the formers US private client services unit, which employs roughly 200 advisors managing $50bn in client assets.

-The bank has wealth operations in 26 countries. However, as part of its 2020 strategy the bank will close onshore operations in Australia, having already closed local presences in Mexico, Chile, Norway, and Finland.

-Deutsche Bank operates 37 locations that offer wealth management services across Germany. The majority of its offices are situated in North Rhine Westphalia Germanys most populous state.

-The Libor scandal and ongoing investigations into mirror trades in the US continue to have a negative effect on the banks brand and image. The $14bn fine demanded by the US Department of Justice will cause significant financial difficulties, already indicated by the steep fall in bank shares.

Verdict Financials Super League In-Depth Analysis: Deutsche Bank Wealth Management 2016 competitor profile is a comprehensive analysis of Deutsche Banks wealth management operations. It offers insight into the companys strategy, financial results, and marketing activities. It also covers recent merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, customer targeting, and product innovation.

Insight into Deutsche Banks growth strategy.

-Overview of the firms organizational structure.

-Clear presentation of its geographical coverage and expansion strategy, including M&A activity.

-Analysis of the firms financial performance, including comparison with other global wealth managers.

-Examination of key target client groups.

-Analysis of Deutsche Banks product and service proposition and how it is unique compared to those of its competitors.

-Review of Deutsche Banks marketing and social media activities.

-Examine the financial performance and key ratios for Deutsche Bank and benchmark this competitor against other global wealth managers.

-Explore Deutsche Banks recent M&A and growth strategies and their impacts on its AUM growth and financial performance.

-Understand Deutsche Banks client targeting strategies and examine whether these have been successful.

-Learn more about Deutsche Banks marketing strategy, social media presence, and digital innovations.
Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Strategy
3. Financial Performance
4. Customers & Products
5. Marketing & Advertising
6. Appendix

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