Cider - UK - January 2017

Cider - UK - January 2017

  • Mintel
  • February 2017
  • Alcoholic Beverages
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Report Description

Interest in authenticity can be further mined by brands by providing more information about the ingredients and processes used by their skilled cider makers. Importantly, it needs to be spelled out how these factors contribute to products’ signature taste profile, highlighting the flavour as inimitable.

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What you need to know
Products covered in this Report

Executive Summary

The market
Third consecutive decline in volume sales in 2016
Figure 1: Forecast of UK value sales of cider, 2011-21
The future
Companies and brands
Heineken’s lead falls slightly in 2016
Traditional English ciders and world ciders are star performers
Figure 2: Leading manufacturers’ shares of cider sales in the UK off-trade, 2015/16*
Fruit cider continues to be a hotbed of NPD activity
Adspend slashed by almost a quarter in 2015
The consumer
Areas of growth in cider usage, despite dip in overall usage
Figure 3: Types of cider drunk, October 2015 and October 2016
Locally-produced cider can help to drive growth among over-35s
Still room for more flavour innovation
Figure 4: Interest in innovation in cider, October 2016
The single-most appealing factor is a unique taste
Figure 5: Appealing factors for cider, by rank, October 2016
Food pairing is an underutilised opportunity for cider
An appetite for knowing more about cider making
Figure 6: Attitudes towards cider, October 2016
Refreshment is fundamental to the enjoyment of cider
Figure 7: Consumers’ definition of a “great” cider, October 2016
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