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Strategies for Colloidal Stabilization of Nanoparticles for Life Science

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BCC Research

Published Date : Aug 2019

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Colloids, or colloidal dispersions, are substances composed of submicron particles (i.e., particles with dimensions between 1 nm and 1,000 nm), including nanoparticles (i.e., particles below 100 nm), dispersed in a continuous medium. The medium and the dispersed phase can be either gas, liquid or solid. Depending on the physical state of the two phases, colloidal dispersions are classified as follows -
- Foams, consisting of a gas dispersed in a liquid or a solid.
- Aerosols, formed by a liquid dispersed in a gas.
- Emulsions, made from a liquid dispersed in another liquid.
- Gels, formed by a liquid dispersed in a solid.
- Solid aerosols, consisting of a solid dispersed in a gas.
- Suspensions or sols, made from a solid dispersed in a liquid.
- Solid sols or solid suspensions, consisting of a solid dispersed in another solid.

Colloidal dispersions are biphasic systems and must not be confused with solutions, which, instead, are monophasic."

"Report Includes:

- A market outlook for nanoparticles in the life science sector
- Analysis of issues related to colloidal stabilization, and discussion on current and emerging strategies to improve it
- Description of nanoparticles applications in life science such as drug and gene targeting, intracellular sensors, microfluidic devices, and biological labelling
- Information on types of colloidal dispersions for life science e.g., metal, polymer, ceramic, composite, quantum dots, and nanospheres
- An overview of existing methods for preparing colloidal dispersions in life sciences"
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Technology Highlights and Market Outlook
Applications of Nanostructures and Colloids in Life Science
Nanostructured Materials for Life Science
Colloidal Stability
Existing Methods for Preparing Stable Colloidal Dispersions
Strategies to Improve Colloidal Stabilization in Life Science
Dispersions of Metallic Nanostructures
Dispersions of Ceramic and Glass Nanostructures
Dispersions of Polymeric Nanostructures
Market Outlook for Nanostructures in the Life Science Sector

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