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Stationery is a collection of commercially manufactured writing material, which includes cut paper, writing implements, continuous stationery, envelopes, and other office supplies. It comprises material used for hand-written needs as well those needed by electronic devices such as computer printers.

The original usage of stationery included all items sold by a stationer and has been an important part of good social etiquette since the Victorian era. 

The growth of the stationery industry is largely dependent on paper production and wood for the manufacture of several products. The stationery industry purchases raw materials such as uncoated paper and paper board from paper mills and then puts them in a process to be converted into stationery material like tablets, envelopes, die-cut paper, office paper, and a host of other stationery items.

The onset of electronic media has hampered the growth of the stationery industry as they are two different fields of communication. Stationery is related to a personal form of communication.