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Solvents can be of various kinds and each serve a distinct purpose. Prosperity of the pharmaceuticals and paints and coatings industry is the primary reason behind the increased uptake of solvents, although the demand is also escalating with growing application of solvents as printing inks, adhesives, metal cleaning, household products, personal care, rubber and polymers, and agricultural chemicals among others.

With rapid urbanization, the building and construction industry is booming, while escalating population is driving the demand in the automotive as well as fuel and energy sector. Nearly all regions across the globe have abundant prospects for different kinds of solvents, but the trend of green solvents on the back of growing environmental concerns is opening new opportunities for the players in various solvents market. Solvents made from organic products are expected to garner higher uptake in the near future, particularly in developed regions such as North America and Europe. Asia Pacific, with vast population base, will also increment the demand for various types of solvents.

ResearchMoz provides market intelligence reports on various types of solvents that are used by different sectors, both global and regional. Each ResearchMoz report studies all the driving and restraining factors of that market, provides revenue estimations, and projections for the future scenario. The reports also carry a dedicated section on company profiles in order to represent the competitive landscape and latest strategic developments.