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Social Media and e-Communication within the Pharmaceutical Industry - Understanding the future of direct-to-consumer marketing

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CBR Pharma Insights

Published Date : Aug 2010

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Advertising and Marketing

No. of Pages : 58 Pages

The use of social media is allowing people to organize and discuss any topic or cause of interest to them with other people around the world via the internet. Through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, disease-specific communities, blogs, and other social internet applications, the opportunities for sharing information have increased at a significant pace. Today, three-fourths of American adults use the internet regularly and four-fifths of American adult internet users participate in social media.

This involvement in social media has created an environment of strong consumers and consumer advocates who wield considerable influence over the image of products and corporations. 83% of internet users search for health or medical information via the internet, enhancing the overall link between the internet and pharma. Several pharmaceutical companies have recognized this trend and have taken full part in accessing and adapting to the new environment of social media.

CBR Pharma Insights examines and provides insights into the opportunities that exist for the pharmaceutical industry to utilize social media & other forms of e-communication to best promote their corporate image and the products they produce. Primary research done with consumers, as well as industry experts, is used to support the analysis & insight provided.


- History and description of social media in pharmaceuticals
- Advantages and comparisons between various social media channels
- Management of social media within pharmaceutical companies
- Consumer perception of social media
- Segmentation of pharmaceutical companies
- Future impact of social media and the internet on pharmaceutical marketing

Key Reasons to Purchase

- Gain access to data, insight, and analysis through CBR Pharma Insights proprietary Consumer Social Media survey and industry expert interviews
- Assess the role that the internet, social media, and e-communication can play in helping to promote brand and company awareness
- Learn how different organizations, including the FDA, are moving forward to best manage the growing use of social media within the pharmaceutical industry
- Identify the opportunities that exist for your company or brand to capitalize on the growing use of smartphones and mobile technology
- Benchmark your companys or brands e-strategy based on what the leaders are doing and how they are using social media to support future revenue growth
Executive Summary

Social Media: Understanding the Avenues For Market Development
History of the internet as a pharmaceutical marketing tool
Description of the various social media outlets
Social media: a global marketing tool

From e-detailing to Facebook: The New Sales Rep
Advantages of electronic communication
Comparison between various social media avenues of communication
The role of mobile technology in the communication of health care information
Physician and patient interaction in the age of social media

The Management of Social Media within Pharmaceutical Companies
Regulatory issues surrounding social media
The changing landscape of health care information dissemination regulation
Division of labor in a pharmaceutical company for the development and maintenance of social media
Involvement of commercial and non-commercial groups
Division of labor: new titles, new jobs?

Consumer Perception of Social Media and the Use of the Internet in Relation to Pharmaceutical Marketing
Consumer survey overview
Use of the internet
Facebook vs. Twitter
Becoming a fan
Use of smartphones
Use of health-related apps
Use of subscriptions to health-related email
Impact of DTC advertising
Consumer perception of value and validity
A multifaceted approach

Segmentation of Pharmaceutical Companies
Biggest users of social media
Benchmarking best practices in social media image development

The Future Impact of Social Media and the Internet on Pharmaceutical Marketing
Expert industry leaders on future impact and changes
Changing landscape of electronic and interpersonal communication
Internet as primary mode of information dissemination

Sources used
CBR survey respondent demographics

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