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Smoking Tobacco USA

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Published Date : Jun 2013

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Tobacco Products

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Smoking tobacco USA provides an in-depth and strategic analysis of the market for RYO/MYO tobacco markets. The report establishes market size and structure, analyses trends and developments for the last 13 years with forecasts to 2022. Detailed information is provided on consumption trends, grey market, product availability and development, retail pricing, taxation rates and structures, manufacturer positioning and share, brand ownership and share, national production and trade data and trends, key operating constraints and future potential, including forecasts.

The USA fine cut market is relatively small and in long term decline with per capita consumption accounting for just 6.6gms per head. However, an important development of late has been the use of pipe tobacco for hand rolling since this has a lower tax than traditional fine cut tobacco. This means that real HRT usage is 59.2gms per head, equivalent to almost 20 billion hand rolled cigarettes.

The two leading players - Top Tobacco (Republic) and Lane (now STG) - account for a combined 83% of the market with their leading brands, Gambler and Bugler respectively, holding a combined share of more than 50%.
Market Size and Structure
The Market in Context
Tobacco Products Market, 1998-2013
Market Size and Trends
Consumption of Smoking Tobacco, 1990-2013
Market Structure
Smoking Tobacco: Market Segmentation by Type, 1990-2013
Total and Per Capita Consumption of HRT, 1990 and 1997-2013
Real HRT and Pipe Tobacco Usage, 2005-2013
Real HRT and Pipe Tobacco Per Capita Rates, 2005-2013
Cigarette Consumption: Manufactured v HRT, 1990 and 1998-2013
HRT: Sales by Pack Type, 2007-2009
Retail Distribution
Manufacturers and Brands
RYO Tobacco: Manufacturer Shares, 2004-2012
HRT: Brand Shares, 2006-2009
Top 10 RYO/MYO Products, 2009
Leading HRT Brands, Convenience Outlets, 2011
HRT: Brands by Price Segment, 2009
MSA Participating Manufacturers - HRT Brands, 2013
Taxation and Retail Prices
Smoking Tobacco: Federal Excise Taxes, 2002-2013
Smoking Tobacco: State Excise Tax Rates, 2013
Retail Prices
Dual Purpose Pipe Tobacco: Retail Prices, Selected Brands, 2011 and 2012
HRT: Retail Prices, Selected Brands, 2011
The Smoking Population
Smoking Population, 1990-2012
Adult Smoking Population by Age and Ethnic Group, 1990-2010
Operating Constraints
Tobacco Product Standards
New Tobacco Products
Modified Risk Tobacco Products
Adulterated and Misbranded Tobacco Products
Tobacco Product Marketing
Labelling and Advertising
Ingredient Disclosures
Other Constraints
The Master Settlement Agreement
Other Restrictions
Selected Smoking Restrictions by State, 2010
Internet Sales
Asbestos Contributions Actions
Bond Cap Legislation
New MSA Related Legislation
Tobacco Buyout Legislation
Tobacco Industry Legislation
Company Profiles
Top Tobacco LP/Republic Tobacco LP (Republic Group)
Lane Ltd (Scandinavian Tobacco Group)
Commonwealth Brands Inc (Imperial Tobacco Group)
Sante F Natural Tobacco Co (Reynolds American Inc)
National Tobacco Company LP (North Atlantic Trading Company Inc)
Production and Trade
Production of Smoking Tobacco, 1990-2012
Production by Type of Tobacco, 2004-2012
Imports of Smoking Tobacco, 1990-2012
Imports of Smoking Tobacco by Country of Origin (Volume), 2000-2012
Imports of Smoking Tobacco by Country of Origin (Value), 2000-2012
Exports of Smoking Tobacco, 1990-2012
Exports of Smoking Tobacco by Country of Destination (Volume), 2000-2012
Exports of Smoking Tobacco by Country of Destination (Value), 2000-2012
Prospects and Forecasts
Market Forecasts, 2012-2022

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