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Smoking Tobacco Norway

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Published Date : Jun 2013

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Tobacco Products

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Smoking tobacco Norway provides an in-depth and strategic analysis of the market for RYO/MYO tobacco markets. The report establishes market size and structure, analyses trends and developments for the last 13 years with forecasts to 2022. Detailed information is provided on consumption trends, grey market, product availability and development, retail pricing, taxation rates and structures, manufacturer positioning and share, brand ownership and share, national production and trade data and trends, key operating constraints and future potential, including forecasts.

As elsewhere in Scandinavia, smokeless tobacco is a feature of the tobacco market, accounting for 27.8% of the overall market. Smoking tobacco accounts for 22.5%: down from over 50% in 1990. HRT consumption stood at 886 tonnes in 2012, some 75% below 1990 levels and equivalent to 188gms per head. Until 2000 hand rolled cigarettes accounted for over half of cigarette consumption and even today account for more than a third of the total. By 2022, HRT consumption is forecast to drop by almost 10% while demand for manufactured cigarettes is expected to drop by almost 14%.
Market Size and Structure
The Market in Context
Tobacco Products Market, 1990 and 1997-2013
Market Size and Trends
Consumption of Smoking Tobacco, 1990-2013
Market Structure
Smoking Tobacco: Market Segmentation, 1990 and 1997-2013
Total and Per Capita Consumption of RYO Tobacco, 1990 and 1997-2013
Cigarette Consumption: Manufactured vs HRT, 1990 and 1998-2013
HRT: Sales by Pack Size, 2012
Retail Distribution
Manufacturers and Brands
HRT: Manufacturer Market Shares, 2008-2012
HRT: Brand Family Shares, 2007-2012
Brand Shares by Outlet, 2012
Taxation and Retail Prices
Development of Smoking Tobacco Excise Taxes, 1998-2012
Retail Prices
HRT: Retail Prices, 2012
The Smoking Population
Smoking Population, 1990-2012
Proportion of Daily Smokers by Sex, 2009-2012
Operating Constraints
Advertising Restrictions
Health Warnings
Other Restrictions
Company Profiles
Philip Morris Norway AS
Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S
Imperial Tobacco Norway AS
Production and Trade
Imports of Smoking Tobacco, 2000-2012
Imports of Smoking Tobacco by Country of Origin (Volume), 2000-2012
Imports of Smoking Tobacco by Country of Origin (Value), 2000-2012
Exports/Re-Exports of Smoking Tobacco, 2000-2012
Exports of Smoking Tobacco by Country of Destination (Volume), 2000-2011
Exports of Smoking Tobacco by Country of Destination (Value), 2000-2012
Prospects and Forecasts
Market Forecasts, 2012-2022

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