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Smokeless Tobacco in Belgium, 2018

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Published Date : Apr 2018

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Smokeless Tobacco in Belgium, 2018


"Smokeless Tobacco in Belgium, 2018", is an analytical report by GlobalData that provides extensive and highly detailed current and future market trends in the Belgium tobacco market. It covers market size and structure along with per capita and overall consumption. Additionally, it focuses on brand data, retail pricing, prospects, and forecasts for sales and consumption until 2027.

The Belgium market for smokeless tobacco is not large, and is comprised of dry/nasal snuff and chewing tobacco. The market is increasingly dominated by the sales of wet snuff, sales of which have increased slightly then stabilized in recent years.


- Smokeless tobacco is a marginal sector and is excluded from this table. The volume of smokeless tobacco is estimated to be at 4 tons per annum.
- The market is increasingly dominated by the sales of wet snuff,sales of which have increased slightly then stabilized in recent years.
- The decline in dry snuff sales since 1990 has been a reflection of the product having an older image, with few adults under 30 using the product.
- Imports are relatively small, and France is the main supplier.
- As of December 2017 smokeless tobacco imported into Belgium faced MFN import duty of 6.5%. Added to this is VAT which is applied at a rate of 21%. For chewing tobacco the rate is lower with a brand such as Skoal attracting a MFN of 1.4% to which VAT is applied. Per capita consumption is also forecast to remain unchanged over the coming decade.

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Table of Contents
Executive summary

Market context
Tobacco Products Market, Tons, %, 2007 & 2017
Tobacco Products Market, Tons, 2007-2017

Market size and structure
Smokeless Tobacco Consumption, Tons, 2007-2017
Per Capita Consumption, Grams Per Year, 2007-2017
Smokeless Tobacco: Market Segmentation, Tons, 2007-2017

Production and trade
Imports, Tons, 2006-2016
Imports by Country of Origin, Top Countries, volume, %, 2016
Imports of Smokeless Tobacco by Country of Origin, Volume, Tons, 2006-2016
Imports of Smokeless Tobacco by Country of Origin, Value, 000, 2006-2016
Exports, Tons, 2006-2016
Exports by Country of Destination, Top Countries, value,%, 2016
Smokeless Tobacco: Exports by country of Destination (Volume), Tons, 2006-2016
Exports of Smokeless Tobacco by Country of Destination, Value, 000, 2006-2016

Taxation and retail prices
Smokeless Tobacco: Sifaco: Retail Prices, 2014
Smokeless Tobacco: Stubbe Tobacco Trading: Retail Prices, 2018
Smokeless Tobacco: Domino (Belgium): Retail Prices, 2016

Manufacturers and brands
Manufacturer shares


Operating constraints
Health Warnings and labelling Requirements

Prospects and forecasts
Smokeless Tobacco Consumption, Tons, 2017-2027
Per Capita Consumption, Grams Per Year, 2017-2027


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