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SK Hynixs Strategic Planning for Memory Development

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Jun 2016

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SK Hynix, as the second-largest semiconductor and memory chip manufacturer in South Korea, has emerged as the industry's main focus. With strong revenue growth in recent years, the company is now the world's top five semiconductor firm. This report takes a close look into SK Hynix's market position in the semiconductor industry, as well as its product and technology development in DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), NAND Flash and next generation memory.

Table of Contents

1. SK Hynix's Position in the Semiconductor Industry 

1.1 SK Hynix ranks fourth in worldwide semiconductor industry and second by memory chips alone 
1.2 SK Hynix has the second-largest and fourth-largest market share in DRAM and NAND Flash, respectively 

2.SK Hynix's Product and Technology Development 
2.1 DRAM and NAND flash chips remain SK Hynix's core products 
2.2 SK Hynix is manufacturing DRAM chips on the 21nm process and will start mass production of 3D NAND Flash 

3. SK Hynix's Strategic Deployment in the Memory Chip Industry 
3.1 SK Hynix gains foothold in China through joint-venture plant with STMicroelectronics 
3.2 SK Hynix forms alliances with major players to develop NAND flash, next generation memory and TSV technology 

4. Conclusion 
4.1 SK Hynix increases output through joint ventures and upgrades technology through alliances with major players 
4.2 With NAND flash to become the company's next focus, foreign vendors are advised to seize business opportunities with SK Hynix 
Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

List of Table

Table 1: Revenue Distribution of SK Hynix by Product Type in 2015 
Table 2: Development of Major Worldwide Companies' DRAM Process Technology 
Table 3: Development of Major Worldwide Companies' NAND Flash Process Technology 
Table 4: Strategic Deployment of Major Global DRAM Companies in China 

List of Chart

Figure 1: World's Top 10 Semiconductor Firms by Revenue in 2015 
Figure 2: SK Hynix's Ranking in the World's Top Semiconductor Firms by Revenue from 2005 to 2015 
Figure 3: Worldwide Market Share of Major Companies in DRAM, NAND Flash and CIS in 2015
Figure 4: SK Hynix's Strategic Deployment in NAND Flash, Next Generation Memory and TSV Technology

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