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Robots are spreading wings to be used beyond workhorses of industrial shop floors. While industrial robots cannot be disregarded, non-industrial robots are expected to hold advantage in terms of growth opportunity. They are beginning to take roles of delivery vehicles, personal assistants, surgical assistants, autonomous vehicles, exoskeletons, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) among others.

Robotics as a technology has reached its tipping point. Robotic capabilities are continually expanding while at the same time increasing investments in robot development driving competition is bringing down their costs.

Healthcare and process manufacturing are the two fastest growing industries for robotics. At present, the manufacturing sector accounts for the maximum purchase of robots and allied services. However, the healthcare sector is expected to display a bump in robotics purchases with increased expenditure in the future.

Consumer robotics is another key growth area, which includes household cleaning robots and toy and educational robots. However, autonomous vehicles is anticipated to overshadow all other sectors in the long run.