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Robotic Surgery Market Report: 2011 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Apr 2011

Category :

Surgical Equipment

No. of Pages : 44 Pages

The robotic technology has proved highly beneficial in diverse surgical procedures. Robotic surgery has significantly simplified many of the complex procedures and patients benefits include less pain, less blood loss and quick recovery times. Surgical robots enable exceptional control and precision of surgical instruments.

The worldwide market for medical robotics has shown tremendous growth since past years and is projected to grow at a remarkable pace. Growth of robotic surgical procedures would be driven by patients awareness about the benefits associated compared to open surgery. The US market is leading in robotic applications, with the global market a few years behind in the adoption cycle. The European market, second largest market after the US, has also witnessed a notable demand for robotic surgical procedures.

da Vinci surgical system is the most widely accepted robotic surgery system worldwide. The five major applications of da Vinci procedures include prostatectomy, hysterectomy, mitral valve repair, coronary revascularization and gastric bypass. Out of these, prostatectomy is the most widely performed da Vinci procedure while hysterectomy is the fastest growing da Vinci procedure.

The report analyzes the robotic surgery market. It discusses the market opportunities in various segments, like prostatectomy, hysterectomy and orthopedics. The report also profiles the major players in robotic surgery systems, with a discussion of key financials, product performance and outlook.
Table of Content

1. Robotic Surgery: An Introduction

1.1 Medical Robotics
Rehabilitation Robotics
Robotic Surgery
Application of Medical Robotics
1.2 Robotic Surgery
Supervisory-controlled Systems
Telesurgical Systems
Shared-control Systems
Workflow in Robotic Surgical Procedure

2. Robotic Surgery - Market Overview
2.1 Medical Robotics and Computer Aided Surgery Market
Global Market
US Market
2.2 Minimally Invasive Surgery Market
Global Market
US Market
2.3 Opportunities in US Market
Robotic Adoption Cycle
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Orthopedics Limited Application
Comparison of Procedural Opportunities
2.4 Radical Prostatectomy Market

List of Table

Application of Medical Robotics
Applications of Robotic Surgery
Operative Parameters (conventional, laparoscopic, robotic)
Robotic Radical Hysterectomy (RRH) vs. Open Radical Hysterectomies (ORH)
Robotic Penetration in US Hospitals (2007-2012)
Potential Target Procedures for da Vinci (2009)
Robotics Assisted Surgical Companies
Financial highlights-Robotics Assisted Surgical Companies (2009)
da Vinci Procedures Segmentation
Length of Hospital Stay
CyberKnife Market Opportunity in US (2009)
Differences between Hansen & Stereotaxis Systems

List of Chart

Classification of Medical Robotics
Information Flow in Robotic Surgery
Global MRCAS Market (2008-2014E)
US MRCAS Market (2008-2014E)
Global MIS Market (2008-2014E)
U.S MIS Market (2008-2014E)
US Robotic Adoption Curve (2009)
No. of People Diagnosed with Arthritis in US (2010-2030E)
Projected No. of Knee Arthroplasties in US (2010-2030E)
Procedural Opportunities in U.S for Robotic Surgery Market (2009)
Radical Prostatectomy Procedures Performed in 2009
U.S. Prostatectomy Cancer Overview (2006-2015E)
U.S. Hysterectomy Cancer Overview (2006-2015E)
U.S. Medical equipment Expenditure (2006-2010)
Worldwide da Vinci Penetration (2007-2014E)
da Vinci Prostatectomy & Hysterectomy Procedure Growth (2007-2019E)
da Vinci Total Procedure Volume Growth (2007-2014E)
da Vinci Procedure-Related Revenues (2009-2014E)
WACC for Robotic Assisted Surgical Companies (2009)
Net Incomes and Revenue Comparison (2008-2010)
da Vinci Installation Base (2010)
MAKOplasty Procedures Volume (2008-2010)
Revenues of MAKO Surgical Corp (2008-2010)
Worldwide Installed Base (2007-2010)
Worldwide CyberKnife Treatment Breakdown (2009)
Market Revenues (2007-2010)
Revenues and Net Income Comparison (2009-2010)

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