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Research Report on Chinese Hydropower Industry 2011-2012

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China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (CRI)

Published Date : Apr 2011

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No. of Pages : 60 Pages

By the end of 2010, Chinese installed capacity of hydropower had reached 213 million kilowatts, scale of newly-added approved hydropower stations had been 13.22 million kilowatts, and those stations under construction had owned the scale of 77 million kilowatts.

Chinese hydropower industry has a simple industry chain, i.e., the hydropower equipment manufacturing, the hydropower project building industry and acquisition of hydropower resource development right in the upstream, construction and operation of hydropower stations in the midstream, and the power grid industry in the downstream.

In China, hydropower is a renewable energy with mature technology, superior market competitiveness, which can be developed on a large scale. To develop hydropower is an important measure taken by the Chinese government to realize the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction and non-fossil energy development.

At present, many problems exist in hydropower development such as environmental protection, mainly because enterprises fail to deal with the relationship between hydropower development and local residents\' interests as well as ecological protection. Currently, as for Chinese hydropower policies and construction management, there also exist problems of attaching importance to project construction while putting aside environmental treatment, and emphasizing economic interests while ignoring social benefits. However, as long as reasonable hydropower development is achieved, hydropower is still the promising renewable energy.

The Chinese government plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit GDP by 40%-45% over 2005 in 2020, and upgrade the proportion of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption to about 15%. In recent years, proportion of non-fossil energy and clean energy in Chinese energy structure is on the rise. Meanwhile, installed capacity of thermal power is on the decrease, and proportion of newly-added installed capacity of thermal power in the total of the whole year dropped from 81% in 2005 to 64% in 2010. As China encounters more pressure and responsibility of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the role and effect of hydropower on carbon dioxide emission reduction and low carbon economy development will become increasingly apparent. To realize the goals of energy conservation and emission reduction in 2020, on that occasion, Chinese installed capacity of hydropower should reach 380 million kilowatts including 330 million kilowatts for conventional hydropower stations and 50 million kilowatts for pumped storage hydropower stations. 

From 2010 H2 to 2011 Q1, 10 large hydropower stations were approved in China with installed capacity of about 50 million kilowatts and total investment of over CNY 200 billion. Since the period for hydropower station construction is 5-10 years, it is predicted that Chinese hydropower industry will present a peak of investment before 2020, in which related industries will gain profits. 

The nuclear accident of Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in March 2011 made all countries pay more attention to the safety of nuclear power plants. The Chinese government also declared that the approval of nuclear power projects would be suspended before the nuclear safety planning is approved, which will transfer the investment from Chinese nuclear power industry to other energies. Hence, Chinese hydropower industry sees a promising prospect.

More following information can be acquired from this report:

  • Development of Chinese hydropower industry
  • Supply and Demand of Chinese hydropower industry
  • Investment prospect of Chinese hydropower industry
  • Major enterprises in Chinese hydropower industry and their operations-Development prediction of Chinese hydropower industry

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Table Of Content

1 Basic Concepts of Hydropower Industry

1.1 Definition and Classification of Hydropower Industry
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.2 Status of Hydropower Industry in Chinese National Economy
1.2.1 Proportion of Gross Output Value of Hydropower Industry in GDP
1.2.2 Role of Hydropower Industry in National Economy

2 Analysis on Development Environment of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2012
2.1 Macroeconomic Environment Analysis
2.1.1 General Status of Chinese National Economy
2.1.2 Influence of Macro Economy on Hydropower Industry
2.2 Analysis on Policy Environment of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2011-2012
2.2.1 Policies of Chinese Power Industry,
2.2.2 Policies of Chinese Hydropower Industry,
2.2.3 Future Policy Development Trend
2.3 Social Environment of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2010-2012
2.3.1 Overview of Influence of Natural Environment and Social Environment on Hydropower Industry
2.3.2 Social Environment
2.4 Technological Environment of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2010-2012
2.4.1 Major Technological Terms
2.4.2 Production Technology
2.4.3 Technological Development Trend of Chinese Hydropower Industry

3 Status Quo and Prediction of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2015
3.1 Overview of Chinese Hydropower Industry
3.1.1 Chinese Hydropower Resource
3.1.2 Scale of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2010
3.2 Supply of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2012
3.2.1 Supply of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2010
3.2.2 Supply Structure Analysis
3.2.3 Supply Prediction, 2011-2012
3.3 Analysis and Prediction on Demand of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2012
3.3.1 Electrical Power Consumption Analysis
3.3.2 Utilization Hours of Power Generation Equipment
3.3.3 Analysis and Prediction on Hydropower Price
3.3.4 Demand Prediction, 2011-2015

4 Competition of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2012
4.1 Analysis and Prediction on Concentration of Chinese Hydropower Industry
4.2 Entry and Exit Barriers of Chinese Hydropower Industry
4.3 Competition Structure of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2012
4.3.1 Upstream Suppliers
4.3.2 Downstream Clients
4.3.3 Substitutes
4.3.4 Potential Entrants
4.3.5 Competitors
4.4 Lifecycle of Chinese Hydropower Industry

5 Import and Export of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2010
5.1 Volume and Amount of Chinese Hydropower Import and Export
5.2 Analysis on Import and Export Structure of Chinese Hydropower Industry
5.3 Prediction on Import and Export of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2011-2012

6 Regional Development of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2010
6.1 Regional Distribution Characteristics of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2010
6.1.1 Corporate Distribution
6.1.2 Assets Distribution
6.2 Overview of Hydropower Industry in Central South China, 2009-2010
6.2.1 Status of Central South China in Chinese Hydropower Industry
6.2.2 Operations
6.2.3 Development Trend
6.3 Overview of Hydropower Industry in Southwest China, 2009-2010
6.3.1 Status in Chinese Hydropower Industry
6.3.2 Development Trend

7 Analysis on Industry Chain of Chinese Hydropower Industry

7.1 Introduction of Industry Chain of Chinese Hydropower Industry
7.2 Upstream Industries of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2009-2012
7.2.1 Steady Trend for Output of Upstream Hydropower Equipment
7.2.2 Hydropower Project Building Industry
7.3 Downstream Industries of Chinese Hydropower Industry
7.3.1 Power Grid Industry Scale
7.3.2 Chinese Power Grid Supply and Demand, 2010
7.3.3 Influence of Power Grid Industry on Hydropower Industry

8 Chinese Major Hydropower Enterprises, 2010-2011
8.1 China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd.
8.1.1 Corporate Profile
8.1.2 Operations
8.1.3 Development Strategy
8.2 Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power Co., Ltd.
8.3 Guangdong Shaoneng Group Co., Ltd.
8.4 Hunan Chen Dian International Development Share-holding Limited Company
8.5 Guangxi Guidong Electric Power Co., Ltd.
8.6 Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power Co., Ltd.
8.7 Sichuan Chuantou Energy Co., Ltd.
8.8 Guizhou Qianyuan Power Co., Ltd.

9 Analysis on Risks of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2011-2012
9.1 Macroeconomic Fluctuation Risk
9.2 Policy Risk
9.3 Supply and Demand Risks
9.4 Related Industrial Risks
9.5 Other Regional Risks

10 Prediction on Development of Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2011-2015
10.1 Factors Influencing Development
10.2 Market Scale Prediction
10.3 Development Recommendations

List of Chart

Chart Chinese Installed Capacity of Hydropower, 2006-2010
Chart Chinese Hydropower Generation, 2006-2010
Chart Major Technological Terms, Abbreviation and Explanations in This Report
Chart Chinese Exploitable Water Resources by Region
Chart Chinese Exploitable Water Resources by Water System
Chart Analysis on Major Chinese Hydropower Station under Construction 
Chart Chinese Major Hydropower Projects, 2011-2016
Chart Quantity of Hydropower Enterprises in Southwest China, 2009
Chart Investment in Chinese Hydropower Industry, 2006-2010
Chart Prediction on Total Installed Capacity of Hydropower in China, 2011-2015

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