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Research Report on China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry, 2012-2017

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China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (CRI)

Published Date : Nov 2012

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No. of Pages : 60 Pages

China is abundant in nonferrous metal resources which possess complete varieties. Currently, reserves of 7 metals including wolfram and rare earth rank the top globally; reserves of 5 metals, namely, lead, nickel, mercury, molybdenum and niobium are considerably plentiful. In recent years, the output of nonferrous metals maintains the rapid increase and the industry scale swiftly expands. In 2011, the output of China\'s ten major nonferrous metals (copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel, tin, antimony, magnesium, titanium and mercury) was 34.38 million tons, increasing by 9.8% YOY. From January to October in 2012, the cumulative output of ten major nonferrous metals in China reached 30.52 million tons, increasing by 7.7% YOY.  

Among it, the output of nonferrous metals in Henan ranked the top in China\'s nonferrous metal industry. Assets of China\'s nonferrous metal industry are mainly concentrated in Shandong, Henan, Jiangxi, Gansu, Jiangsu, etc.; Shandong, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Jiangsu, etc. make more profits.

After lead futures was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Mar. 24, 2011, four major basic nonferrous metals in China were all listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. However, trade varieties of China\'s futures market still lag behind that of international markets. 

In 2011, the total import & export trade amount of China\'s nonferrous metals reached an alltime high, achieving USD 160.7 billion, with an increase of 28% YOY. Among it, the import amount was USD 117.5 billion, increasing by 21% YOY; the export amount was USD 43.2 billion, increasing by 52.7% YOY. The deficit amount of import & export trade in the whole year was USD 74.4 billion, with a rise of 8% YOY. In terms of products, the import volume of copper, aluminum and lead smelting products all presented the declining trend. The import volume of bauxite sharply increased and the export volume of aluminum materials maintained the soaring momentum. However, in view of aggravated trade friction, it brings more difficulties to exports and the growth rate of raw material export amount will evidently drop. 

China is to enter the midtolate industrialization. The nonferrous metal industry will usher in new market opportunities. At present, the consumption per capita of China\'s copper, aluminum and zinc is less than onethird of that in developed countries. Therefore, there is large space for the development of China\'s nonferrous metal market in the future.

More following information can be acquired through this report:

  • Supply and Demand of China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry
  • Price Trend of China\'s Nonferrous Metals
  • Import & Export of China\'s Nonferrous Metals
  • Competition in China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry
  • Key Enterprises of China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry
  • Development Trend of China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry
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Table of Contents

Chapter ONE: Basic Information of Nonferrous Metal Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification     
1.1.1 Definition       
1.1.2 Classification 
1.2 Status of Nonferrous Metal Industry in China\'s Economy

Chapter TWO: Development Environment of China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry, 2011-2013       
2.1 Influence of Domestic Economic Environment on the Industry
2.1.1 Macro Economy     
2.1.2 Financial Operation and Monetary Policies
2.1.3 Influence of Macro Economy on Nonferrous Metal Industry
2.2 Influence of Industry Policies on the Industry
2.2.1 Summary of Key Policies
2.2.2 Analysis on Key Policies and Important Events
2.2.3 Future Development Trend of Policies
2.3 Technological Levels and Technic Processes of the Industry
2.3.1 Production Technologies of the Industry
2.3.2 Productivity

Chapter THREE: Development of China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry, 2011-2013   
3.1 Scale of China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry
3.1.1 Number of Enterprises
3.1.2 Total Assets
3.1.3 Number of Employees
3.2 Supply
3.2.1 Total Supply   
3.2.2 Supply Structure    
3.3 Demand    
3.3.1 Analysis on Total Demand Volume
3.3.2 Demand Structure
3.4 Analysis and Prediction on Investment and Financing
3.4.1 Fixed Asset Investment
3.4.2 Investment Structure    
3.4.3 Analysis on M&A   
3.5 Import & Export        
3.5.1 Import   
3.5.2 Export    
3.6 Price Trend of China\'s Major Nonferrous Metals, 2007-2012

Chapter FOUR: Competition and Characteristics of China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry
4.1 Competition in the Industry
4.1.1 Barriers to Entry
4.1.2 Barriers to Exit
4.1.3 Access Conditions
4.2 Competition Structure of the Industry
4.2.1 Upstream Suppliers
4.2.2 Competition Among Existing Enterprises      
4.2.3 Downstream Users
4.2.4 Threats from New Entrants
4.2.5 Substitutes    
4.3 Development Characteristics of the Industry
4.3.1 Nonferrous Metal Mine Mining and Dressing Industry
4.3.2 Nonferrous Metal Smelting Industry
4.3.3 Nonferrous Metal Rolling Processing Industry

Chapter FIVE: Industry Chain of China\'s Nonferrous Metal Industry         
5.1 Brief Introduction of Industry Chain
5.2 Influence of Upstream Industry Operation on the Industry
5.2.1 Operation of Power Industry
5.2.2 Operation of Special Equipment Manufacturing
5.3 Influence of Downstream Industries on the Industry
5.3.1 Real Estate Industry
5.3.2 Automobile Industry
5.3.3 Household Appliance Industry

Chapter SIX: Analysis on Development of Sub-industries of Nonferrous Metal Industry, 2011
6.1 Copper Industry

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