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Research Report on Chinas Haemophilus Influenza B (HIB) Vaccine Industry, 2013-2017

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China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (CRI)

Published Date : Sep 2013

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Haemophilus influenza type B is a kind of haemophilus influenza with extremely strong invasiveness. Among all the serious infections caused by haemophilus influenzas, almost 90% were caused by haemophilus influenza type B.

According to the researches in recent years, HIB has become the first bacteria that will cause diseases on the respiratory tracts of children in China. It mainly causes lower respiratory infection and pneumonia. After infected by HIB, the risk of getting invasive diseases is related to one\'s HIB immune level. The prevalence rate of HIB antibody in infants is quite high, which mainly comes from mothers. Antibody titer reaches the highest point when infants are three to four months old. In addition, because infants are naturally exposed to HIB or other pathogenic bacteria, their antibody concentration will gradually increase in the early time. As a result, the incidence rate of HIB invasive diseases is quite low among newborns. However, along with the decline of antibody concentration, the incidence rate reaches the highest point in the middle childhood. 

In addition, the incidence rate gradually declines with immune system becoming increasingly complete. Therefore, HIB infection generally happens on children below five years old. More specifically, the incidence mainly happens to children below two years old. The distribution of HIB infection seasons shows a double-peak in winter and autumn as one peak and spring as the other peak. Generally speaking, the incidence rate is the highest in winter and the lowest in summer.

At present, there is still no national statistical data on HIB diseases in China. According to a large-scale epidemiology investigation held in Hefei, the incidence rate of HIB meningitis was 107/100,000,000 among children below five years old in Hefei and the fatality rate was 9.7%. After treated, 21.4% survival children still suffer nervous or nervous system complications or sequelae. According to the epidemiology investigation in Hefei, CRI predicts that the incidence rate of HIB invasive meningitis is 104/100,000,000 among children below five years old. However, the incidence rate of HIB diseases among all people is still not clear.

HIB vaccines still belong to Vaccine II in China, so children are inoculated HIB vaccines at the expenses of their parents voluntarily. In 2012, China\'s lot release volume of HIB vaccines was 32.4098 million doses, increasing by 34.84% YOY, with the market scale exceeding CNY 2 billion. 

As free vaccines that are widely applied in developed countries, HIB vaccines have extremely huge development space in China. CRI predicts that HIB vaccines are likely to become Vaccine I in the coming years.  

Through this report, readers can acquire the following information:

  • Development environment of China HIB vaccine industry
  • Epidemic situation of HIB diseases in China
  • Supply and demand of HIB vaccines in China 
  • Major manufacturing enterprises in China HIB vaccine market

Forecast on China HIB vaccine market, 2013-2017

The following enterprises and people are proposed to purchase this report:

  • Vaccine manufacturing enterprises
  • Medical institutions
  • Investors and research institutes concerned about China vaccine industry
Table of Contents

1 Development Environment of China Vaccine Industry, 2008-2013
1.1 Economic Environment
1.2 Policy Environment of Vaccines
1.3 Chinese Population and the Structure
1.4 Overview on China Medical Industry
1.5 Overview on China Vaccine Market, 2008-2017
1.5.1 Market Status
1.5.2 Development Forecast
2 Overview on China HIB Vaccine Industry, 2008- 2012
2.1 Epidemic Situation of HIB Infection in China
2.1.1 Overview
2.1.2 HIB Incidence Status
2.2 Overview on HIB Conjugate Vaccines
2.3 China\'s Rules on Vaccination Procedures of HIB Vaccines
3 Analysis on China HIB Vaccine Market
3.1 Supply Status
3.1.1 Production Capacity
3.1.2 Status of Lot Release
3.2 Market Demand
3.2.1 Demand Overview
3.2.2 Market Scale
4 Major Manufacturing Enterprises in China HIB Vaccine Market, 2010-2013
4.1 Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd.
4.1.1 Enterprise Profile
4.1.2 Lot Release Volume of HIB Vaccines
4.1.3 Production Capacity of HIB Vaccines, 2013
4.3 Sanofi Pasteur
4.4 GSK China
4.5 Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics S.R.L.

5 Forecast on China HIB Vaccine Industry, 2013-2017
5.1 Factors Influencing Development
5.2 Supply Forecast
5.3 Demand Forecast

List of Chart

Chart Disposable Income Per Capita of Chinese Residents, 2008-2012
Chart Chinese Population Size, 2001-2012
Chart Chinese Newborn Population Size, 2001-2012
Chart Market Scale of China Vaccine Market, 2008-2012
Chart China\'s Lot Release Volume of HIB Conjugate Vaccines, 2010-2012
Chart Factory Prices of Major HIB Vaccines in China Market, 2013
Chart Market Scale of HIB Vaccines in China, 2010-2012
Chart Lot Release Volume of HIB Vaccines of Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd., 2010-2012
Chart Lot Release Volume of HIB Vaccines of Walvax Biotechnology Co., Ltd., 2010-2012 
Chart Forecast on Market Scale of HIB Vaccines in China, 2013-2017

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