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Research Report on China\'s Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, 2012

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China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (CRI)

Published Date : Sep 2012

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No. of Pages : 40 Pages

With the development of Chinas economy and the governments high attention to agriculture in preferential policies, price support, grain subsidy and other aspects, the agriculture rapidly develops in general. 

As for farming industry, the grain output of China increased for consecutive seven years from 2005 to 2011. In 2011, the grain sowing area and output of China all recorded high in 2011. The supply and demand of three grain, paddies, wheat and corn wholly balances. The profitability of paddy farming is relatively stable; wheat farming slightly decreases in fluctuation and that of wheat planting increases under the influence of demand expansion. With the increasing demand for downstream feed processing, the import demand of Chinas soybeans continuously rises. The profitability of domestic soybean farming enterprises and farmers will constantly weaken with the shock of imported soybeans. 

In terms of animal husbandry, with the increase of meat consumption, domestic animal husbandry swiftly develops. Since 2008, the whole profitability of animal husbandry constantly improves. As the largest component of Chinas meat consumption, the pork price drastically fluctuates under the joint effects of live hog supply volume and feed cost prices. The substantial fluctuation of pork and feed prices aggravate the operation risk of enterprises. 

With regard to feed industry, the feed produced by Chinas industry accounts for a low proportion in total feed consumption. The huge demand of animal husbandry provides feed industry with the broad development space. The competition in Chinas feed industry is intense, but the whole profitability is strong. Since 2005, the profit of feed enterprises constantly increases. During 2008 and 2011, Chinas agriculture and animal husbandry appeared a stable performance, but part of farming industries and enterprises relevant to seasonal consumption presented cyclic characteristics in profitability. Since 2012, the stock consumption ratio of Chinas major grain crops is still within margin of safety. However, because of the decline in growth rate of domestic economy and decrease of consumption demand, the increase amplitude of agricultural products prices tended to be slow in the first half of 2012; however with the driving of external shock in the second half of 2012, the grain price was expected to rise.

In consideration of intensified policy support of Chinas government for agriculture and animal husbandry, meanwhile with the progress of science and technology, the expansion of enterprise scale and the increase of upstream and downstream M&A, the concentration of enterprises in Chinas agriculture and animal husbandry will gradually increase. It is predicted that in a future period, the profitability of excellent enterprises in the industry will be relatively stable, but that of some enterprises with sole business will be shocked by external and appears a fluctuation.
With the growth of Chinas economy and the improvement of peoples living standards, the development prospect of Chinas agriculture and animal husbandry is bright. 

More following information can be acquired through this report:

  • urrent Development Status of Chinas Farming Industry/Breeding Industry/Feed Industry
  • Introduction of Chinas Excellent Enterprises in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
  • Prediction on Development of Chinas Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

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Table of Content

1. Overview on Chinas Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
1.1 Industry Overview
1.2 Policy Environment 
2. Status Quo of Chinas Agriculture Industry
2.1 Summarization of Industry Chain
2.2 Farming Industry
2.2.1 Overview
2.2.2 Farming Conditions of Paddies, Wheat and Corn
2.2.3 Supply and Demand of Grain
2.2.4 Soybeans
2.3 Problems and Development Goals of Chinas Farming Industry
2.3.1 Existing Problems of Farming Industry
2.3.2 Development Goals of Chinas Farming Industry During the 12th Year Plan (2011-2015)

3. Animal Husbandry
3.1 Overview
3.2 Live Hog Breeding
3.2.1 Overview
3.2.2 Pork Price
3.2.3 Market Pattern of Breeding Industry
3.3 Problems and Development Goals of Chinas Breeding Industry
3.3.1 Problems of Breeding Industry
3.3.2 Development Goals of Chinas Breeding Industry During the 12th Year Plan (2011-2015)

4. Feed Industry
4.1 Overview
4.2 Competition Pattern of Feed Processing Enterprises
4.3 Problems and Development Goals of Chinas Feed Industry
4.3.1 Existing Problems of Feed Industry
4.3.2 Development Goals of Chinas Animal Husbandry, 2011-2015

5. Introduction to Chinas Important Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Enterprises
5.1 Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd.
5.2 New Hope Group Co., Ltd.
5.3 China Animal Husbandry Group
5.4 Guangdong Wens Food Group Co., Ltd.
5.5 Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group Co., Ltd.

6 Development Trend of Chinas Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, 2011-2015
6.1 Development Goals 
6.2 Development Outlook

List of Chart

Chart Primary Policies of Chinas Central Document No.1, 2004-2012
Chart Chinas Governments Subsidy for Agriculture, 2005-2012 
Chart Planting Area and Output of Chinas Major Agricultural Products, 2007-2011
Chart Output of Chinas Major Products of Animal Husbandry, 2007-2011
Chart Classification of Chinas Feed Industry
Chart Layout and Planning of Chinas Feed Industry
Chart Development Goals of Chinas Agriculture, 2015

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