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Research Report on China Swine Fever Vaccine Industry, 2013 - 2017

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China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (CRI)

Published Date : Oct 2013

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No. of Pages : 30 Pages

Swine fever is an acute, hyperpyretic and contagious disease, caused by swine fever viruses. Its incidence rate and death rate are both extremely high, and viruses can be transmitted at high speed. Immunization is the major measure to prevent swine fever. 

With the development of Chinese economy and increasing living standards of Chinese people, the demand for pork keeps growing accordingly. In 2012, the output volume of pork in China was 53.35 million tons, increasing by 5.6% YOY. The fattened volume of pigs in 2012 was 696.28 million, increasing by 5.2% YOY. With the expansion of the pig raising industry, farmers in China have an increasing demand for swine fever vaccines. 

In 2007, Chinese government started to conduct compulsory immunizations against swine fever, According to National Compulsory Immunization Plan of Animal Epidemic Diseases 2013 issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance, 4 diseases are covered by the national compulsory immunization program, including swine fever. The appropriation of animal epidemic prevention in China is proportionally sponsored by both central and local governments. The proportion is determined based on relevant documents jointly issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance. However, the swine fever vaccines procured by the government were low-priced and their qualities are not guaranteed. At present, there are many enterprises that produce swine fever vaccines in China, but the qualities of their vaccines vary. Some animal healthcare experts advocate the cancellation of government procurement of swine fever vaccines. Instead, the government can directly provide subsidies to farmers. 

If each pig must be vaccinated for twice, the market scale of China swine fever vaccines in 2012 was about 1.4 billion doses. Assuming that the number of pigs raised increases by 5%-10% every year, the annual demand volume of swine fever vaccines will also increase under normal conditions. For those animal vaccine producing and trading enterprises, there are many opportunities in China market. 

Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:

  • Incidence status and prevention program of swine fever in China
  • Overview of China pig raising industry
  • Supply and demand status of China swine fever vaccines
  • Factors influencing the development of swine fever vaccine market
  • Government procurement system of swine fever vaccines
  • Perspective of swine fever vaccine industry

The following enterprises and people are proposed to purchase this report:

  • Animal vaccine producing enterprises
  • Pig raising enterprises
  • Government departments
  • Investors/research institutes concerned about animal vaccines 
Table of Content

1 Relevant Concepts of Swine Fever Vaccines
1.1 Definition and Incidence Status of Swine Fever
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Global Incidence Status of Swine Fever
1.1.3 Prevention and Controlling Measures of Swine Fever
1.2 Classification of Swine Fever Vaccines

2 Development Environment of China Swine Fever Vaccine Industry, 2012-2013
2.1 Policies of Animal Vaccine Industry
2.1.1 Legislation of Animal Epidemic Prevention
2.1.2 Organization Structure
2.1.3 Appropriation Budget of Chinese Government for Epidemic Prevention
2.1.4 Scope of Compulsory Immunization Program
2.2 Status of Pig Raising Industry, 2008-2012
2.2.1 Pig Raising Status 
2.2.2 Development Characteristics of China Pig Raising Industry, 2012-2013
2.3 Incidence Status of Swine Fever in China, 2012-2013
2.3.1 Overview
2.3.2 Major Incidences of Swine Fever

3 Performance of China Swine Fever Vaccine Industry, 2008-2012
3.1 Supply Status
3.1.1 Major Enterprises
3.1.2 Factors Influencing Supply
3.1.3 Analysis of Output Volume
3.2 Demand
3.2.1 Demand Status
3.2.2 Factors Influencing Demand
3.3 Processes and Problems of Immunization Against Swine Fever 
3.3.1 Use of Swine Fever Vaccines
3.3.2 Problems of Government Procurement of Swine Fever Vaccines
3.3.3 Lot Release System of Swine Fever Vaccines

4 Major Swine Fever Vaccine Producing Enterprises in China, 2012-2013
4.1 Ringpu Bio-Pharmacy Co., Ltd. 
4.1.1 Enterprise Profile
4.1.2 Production Status of Swine Fever Vaccines
4.1.3 Enterprise Development Strategies
4.2 Sichuan Huapai Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
4.3 Pu-Like Bio-Enginerring Co., Ltd. 

4.4 Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Biological Vaccines Co., Ltd. 
4.5 Chengdu TECBOND Biological Products CO., Ltd

5 Tendering Procurement Results of Swine Fever Vaccines in Some Regions of China, 2012-2013
5.1 Sichuan
5.2 Shaanxi
5.3 Jilin

6 Prospective of China Swine Fever Vaccine Industry, 2013-2017
6.1 Analysis of Factors Influencing Development
6.1.1 Government Policy Trends
6.1.2 Forecast on Pig Raising Industry
6.2 Forecast on Supply and Demand
6.2.1 Forecast on Supply of Swine Fever Vaccines
6.2.2 Forecast on Demand of Swine Fever Vaccines
6.3 Investment and Development Recommendations for Swine Fever Vaccine Industry

List of Chart

Chart Epidemic Prevention Appropriation of Chinese Government, 2009-2012
Chart Major Incidences of Swine Fever in China, 2012-2013
Chart Output Volume of China Swine Fever Vaccines, 2008-2012
Chart Scale of China Swine Fever Vaccine Market, 2008-2012
Chart Tendering Procurement Result Publicity of Swine Fever Vaccines in Sichuan, 2013
Chart Forecast on China Pig Fattened Volume, 2013-2017
Chart Forecast on Scale of China Swine Fever Vaccine Market, 2013-2017

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