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Research on Global & China Graphene Industry, 2015

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Chisult Insight Co., Limited

Published Date : May 2015

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Currently graphene is still in the research stage. The limitations of preparative technique and the inactive downstream demand determined that the graphene has yet to achieve large-scale mass production. 


In 2014, electronics, optoelectronics and data storage accounts for nearly 31% of global gaphene demand, composites ranks behind with a share of nearly 24%.


Most graphene producers currently produce graphene nanoplatelets and graphene oxide. Within the last year graphene producers have increased production capabilities considerably. XG Sciences, Angstron Materials and Vorbeck have increased, or are planning to increase, their production capacities twenty-fold.


Producers of graphene are generally small, start-up companies who have witnessed an explosion in demand for their materials from a variety of industries. Companies such as IBM and Samsung are pursuing applications for graphene in electronics and optics, which are likely only to be realized in the medium to long-term. Most near-term demand is for composites and coatings for application in the automotive, plastics, coatings, construction, metals, batteries, aerospace and energy markets.


The market size of China’s graphene market is about 29 million RMB, and could achieve a CAGR of 95% from 2014 to 2020. The driving forces mainly comes from composites and touch screen market.


In 2014, graphene composites markets in China achieves 4.77 million RMB sales, accounting for 16.4% of total graphene sales in China.


Currently there are approximately 10 major graphene-related companies in China, some of them declared that they has accessed mass-production of graphene, but actually their products are graphene powder. This lead to a false prosperity in China’s capital market in 2014.


1. Introduction

1.1 Definition

1.2 Classification & Speciality

1.3 Preparation Technology

1.4 Applications


2. Industry Chain

2.1 Graphite

2.2 Graphene Device Processing


3. Global Graphene Industry

3.1 Overview

3.2 Supply & Demand

3.2 R & D

3.3 Market Segments

3.3.1 Lithium Battery

3.3.2 Supercapacitor

3.3.3 Transparent Conductive Film

3.3.4 Graphene films production

3.3.5 Graphene inks in RFID tags

3.3.6 Polymeric composites

3.3.7 Printed Electronics


4. China Graphene Industry

4.1 Overview

4.2 R & D

4.2 Market Segments

4.2.1 Lithium Battery

4.2.2 Supercapacitor

4.2.3 Transparent Electrode

4.2.4 Monocrystalline Silicon


5. Major Global Graphene Enterprises

5.1 Northern Graphite

5.1.1 Company Profile

5.1.3 Graphene Business

5.2 CVD

5.2.1 Company Profile

5.2.3 Graphene Business

5.3 Focus Graphite

5.3.1 Company Profile

5.3.3 Graphene Business

5.4 Lomiko Metals

5.4.1 Company Profile

5.4.3 Graphene Business

5.5 Applied Graphene Materials

5.5.1 Company Profile

5.5.3 Graphene Business

5.6 Graphene NanoChem Plc

5.6.1 Company Profile

5.6.2 Graphene Business

5.7 Haydale Graphene Industries

5.7.1 Company Profile

5.7.3 Graphene Business

5.8 Cientifica Plc

5.8.1 Company Profile

5.8.3 Graphene Business

5.9 Graphene Laboratories

5.10 Graphenea

5.11 Graphene Square

5.12 Grafoid

5.13 XG Sciences Inc

5.14 Bluestone Global Tech

5.15 Angstron Materials

5.16 Graphenano

5.17 Vorbeck Materials


6. Major Chinese Graphene Enterprises

6.1 Fangda Carbon New Material

6.1.1 Company Profile

6.1.2 Operation Status

6.1.4 Graphene Business

6.2 Sichuan Jinlu Group

6.2.1 Company Profile

6.2.2 Operation Status

6.2.4 Graphene Business

6.3 Beijing Kangde Xin Composite Material

6.3.1 Company Profile

6.3.2 Operation Status

6.3.4 Graphene Business

6.4 Xiamen Knano Graphene Technology

6.4.1 Company Profile

6.4.3 Graphene Business

6.5 Nanjing XFNANO Materials Tech

6.5.1 Company Profile

6.5.2 Graphene Business

6.6 The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology

6.6.1 Company Profile

6.6.2 Operation Status

6.6.3 Graphene Business

6.7 2D Carbon Graphene Material

6.7.1 Company Profile

6.7.2 Graphene Business

6.8 Nanjing JCNANO Tech

6.8.1 Company Profile

6.8.2 Graphene Business

6.9 Tianjin Plannano Technology

6.9.1 Company Profile

6.9.2 Graphene Business

6.10 Ningbo Morsh Technology

6.10.1 Company Profile

6.10.2 Graphene Business

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