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Research and Investment Forecast Evaluation of China\'s Copper Alloy Market from 2010 to 2015

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Huidian Research

Published Date : Apr 2012

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No. of Pages : 73 Pages

The report is based on information and data which source from National Bureau of Statistics, Development Research Center of the State Council, Commerce Department, General Administration of Customs, industrial associations and domestic and foreign relevant publications. 

Combining profound market surveys and the overall development of current economic transformation and upgrade situation, so as to offer the professional analysis and prediction about the industrial market status quo, competitive structure, demand, price trend, key enterprises, investment opportunity and investment risk. 

And also, this report provides prediction of the industrial development trend under the circumstance of current economic transformation and upgrade. Thus, this report can provide accurate market intelligence and scientific decision basis for strategic investors and corporation’s management.

Data Sources and Research Methods

  • Obtain first-hand information and data relying on the survey network which covers the mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region.
  • Data and information source from industrial associations, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, China Customs and other government departments and authorities.
  • Document literature comes from all kinds of periodical databases, libraries, research institutes and some colleges and universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University.
  • Through the method of combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, the Customized Research Center conducts deeply research on the investment opportunity and risk to the target product.
  • Combining the desk research with interview of industrial experts and key enterprises’ veterans, to conclude industrial view and investment suggestions.
Table of Content

1. Overview of Chinas Copper Alloy Product
1.1 Definition, Property and Application Characteristics
1.2 Periodic Analysis of Copper Alloy Industry

2. Copper Alloy in Overseas Market
2.1 Summary
2.2 Overview of Major Countries Market in Asia
2.3 Overview of Major Countries Market in Europe
2.4 Overview of Major Countries Market in America

3. Circumstance Analysis of Chinas Copper Alloy
3.1 Analysis of Chinas Economic Development
3.1.1 Analysis of GDP
3.1.2 Analysis of Fixed Assets Investment
3.1.3 Analysis of Income of Urban and Rural Resident
3.1.4 Forecast of Macro Economic Development in China
3.2 Relevant Industrial Policies, Standards and Laws and Regulations

4. Market Characteristic of Copper Alloy
4.1 Analysis and Forecast of Market Concentration
4.2 Analysis and Forecast of SWOT
4.2.1 Strength
4.2.2 Weakness
4.2.3 Opportunity
4.2.4 Threat
4.3 Analysis and Forecast of Enter and Exit Status

5. Analysis of Development of Copper Alloy in China
5.1 Current Situation and Forecast of Copper Alloy in China
5.2 Analysis and Forecast of Output in China
5.2.1 Overall Production Capacity Scale of Copper Alloy Industry
5.2.2 Production Area distribution of Copper Alloy
5.2.3 Output from 2009 to 2011
5.3 Analysis and Forecast of Market Demand of Copper Alloy in China
5.4 Analysis and Forecast of Consumption of Copper Alloy
5.5 Analysis of Price Trend of Copper Alloy in China
5.5.1 Price Trend of Copper Alloy in China from 2009 to 2011
5.5.2 Factors Affecting Market Price
5.5.3 Forecast of Price Trend of Copper Alloy in China from 2012 to 2015

6. Analysis of Copper Alloy in China
6.1 Analysis of Copper Alloy in China
6.2 Forecast of Future Market Capacity
6.3 Characteristic of Current Industrial Development

7. Analysis of Import and Export in China
7.1 Analysis of Import Situation
7.2 Analysis of Export Situation

8. Analysis of Technical Development of Chinas Copper Alloy
8.1 Analysis of Current Development Situation in China
8.2 Analysis of Technical Maturity Grade of Copper Alloy in China
8.3 Analysis of Technical Gap between Home and Abroad and the Influence Factors
8.4 Strategies of Technical Improving in China

9. Analysis of Main Competitors and Competitive Structure in China
9.1 Analysis of Ningbo Powerway Alloy Material Company Limited
9.1.1 Introduction
9.1.2 Analysis of Operation Performance
9.1.3 Analysis of Market Share
9.1.4 Strategies for Future Development
9.2 Analysis of Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd.
9.2.1 Introduction
9.2.2 Analysis of Operation Performance
9.2.3 Analysis of Market Share
9.2.4 Strategies for Future Development
9.3 Analysis of Anhui Xinke New Material Co., Ltd.
9.3.1 Introduction
9.3.2 Analysis of Operation Performance
9.3.3 Analysis of Market Share
9.3.4 Strategies for Future Development
9.4 Analysis of Guodong Copper Manufacture Co. Ltd.
9.4.1 Introduction
9.4.2 Analysis of Market Share
9.4.3 Strategies for Future Development
9.5 Analysis of Chinalco Shanghai Copper Co., Ltd.
9.5.1 Introduction
9.5.2 Analysis of Market Share
9.5.3 Strategies for Future Development
9.6 Analysis of Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd.
9.6.1 Introduction
9.6.2 Analysis of Market Share
9.6.3 Strategies for Future Development

10. Future Development Forecast and Investment Prediction of Copper Alloy in China
10.1 Forecast of Industrial Development Trend
10.2 Analysis of Industrial Development in the Future
10.3 Twelfth Five-year Plan of the Whole Industry and Prospect

11. Investment Suggestions from Industrial Experts of Copper Alloy in China
11.1 Investment Opportunity
11.2 Investment Risk
11.2.1 Risk of Horizontal Competition
11.2.2 Risk of Trading Market
11.2.3 Risk of Financial Credit Market
11.2.4 Risk of Substitute
11.3 Industrial Coping Strategy
11.4 Implement of Key Account Strategy
11.4.1 Analysis of Necessity
11.4.2 Establish Key Account
11.4.3 Marketing Strategy to Key Account
11.4.4 Strengthen the Management to Key Account
11.4.5 Solve the Main Problems to Implement the Key Account Strategy

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