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Research and Development Prospect of Chinas Automotive Coatings Industry, 2013-2017

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Huidian Research

Published Date : Mar 2013

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No. of Pages : 52 Pages

According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2011, China’s automobile production volume and sales volume was 18.4189 million units and 18.5051 million units respectively, increased by 0.84% and 2.45%, and the demand volume of automotive coatings reached 590,000 tons. In 2012, the annual automobile production volume was 19.2718 million units with the year-on-year growth of 4.6%, the sales volume was 19.3064 million units, year-on-year growth of 4.3%, and the demand volume of automotive coatings reached 620,000 tons.

At present, foreign-funded enterprises account for more than a half of the total market share; by virtue of the absolute advantages in aspects of capital, technology and scale, the foreign-funded enterprises occupy most of market in medium and large-scale cities. In the original coatings filed, the foreign-funded brands occupy 80%-85% of the total market share. The world-renowned automotive coatings manufacturers, such as PPG, DuPont, Kansai and Dai Nippon and BASF are optimistic to China’s automotive coatings market and have entered China’s market in succession.

In 2009, China’s total coatings output ranked first in the world, and China has become a large country as for coatings production and consumption. However, China’s automotive coatings still lag behind as far as quality and variety. On the whole, the existing problems of China’s automotive coatings industry are inadequate innovative technologies, backward production control technology and low level of equipments. The domestic famous automotive coatings enterprises only occupy a small market share, and the homogeneous competitions are serious, which narrowed the profit margins of China’s automotive coatings enterprises; for a long period, the average profit margin in this industry was lower than 10%. 

In the developed countries, domestic automotive coatings usually account for more than 20% of the total coatings output, but this proportion in China was is only about 8%. Therefore, the future development space for China’s automotive coatings industry is relatively large.

Huidian Research releases “Research and Development Prospect of China’s Automotive Coatings Industry, 2013-2017” which conducts in-depth research and analysis on the market status of China’s automotive coatings industry, mainly analyzes market scale, competitions, import and export, business performance of key enterprises, as well as development prospects. This report can provide references for enterprises to make investment decisions.
Table of Contents

1. Overview of China’s Automotive Coatings Industry
1.1 Industry Definition and Characteristics
1.2 Product Classification
1.3 Industry Characteristics

2. Development Environment of China’s Automotive Coatings Industry
2.1 Economic Environment
2.1.1 Development Status
2.1.2 GDP
2.1.3 Investment in the Fixed Assets
2.1.4 Total Export-Import Volume and the Growth Rate
2.2 Policy Environment and Relevant Standards
2.2.1 Policy Environment
2.2.2 Relevant Standards

3. Status Quo of Domestic and Foreign Automotive Coatings Markets
3.1 Global Automotive Coatings Market
3.2 China’s Automotive Coatings Market
3.3 Market Scale in China

4. Technological Development of China’s Automotive Coatings Industry
4.1 Status Quo
4.2 Technological Gap between China and Foreign Countries
4.3 Strategy for the Technological Improvement

5. Import and Export of China’s Automotive Coatings Products
5.1 Characteristics
5.2 Quantity and Unit Price

6. Competitive Landscape of China’s Automotive Coatings Industry
6.1 Porter’s Five Forces
6.2 Competitive Landscape
6.2.1 Enterprise Concentration Ratio
6.2.2 Competition in Low and Medium-end Market is Fierce; the Competitiveness in High-end Market is Insufficient
6.3 Competitive Trend

7. Key Enterprises in China’s Automotive Coatings Industry
7.1 AKZONOBEL (China)
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Business Performance
7.1.3 Competitiveness
7.1.4 Development Strategy
7.2 Nippon Paint
7.2.1 Company Profile
7.2.2 Business Performance
7.2.3 Competitiveness
7.2.4 Development Strategy
7.3 Kansai Paint
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Business Performance
7.3.3 Competitiveness
7.3.4 Development Strategy
7.4 Shanghai Coatings Co., Ltd.
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Business Performance
7.4.3 Competitiveness
7.4.4 Development Strategy
7.5 Shanghai Kinlita Chemical Co., Ltd.
7.5.1 Company Profile
7.5.2 Business Performance
7.5.3 Competitiveness
7.5.4 Development Strategy

8. Development Forecast of China’s Automotive Coatings Industry, 2013-2017
8.1 Future Industry Development
8.2 Product Development Direction
8.3 Market Scale Forecast

9. Investment of China’s Automotive Coatings Industry, 2013-2017
9.1 Investment Opportunities
9.1.1 Policy Support
9.1.2 Strong Market Demand
9.1.3 Develop “Energy-Saving and Resource-Saving” and “Environment-Friendly” Automotive Coatings
9.2 Investment Risk
9.2.1 Risk of Macroeconomic Fluctuation
9.2.2 Risk of Raw Material Fluctuation
9.2.3 Risk of Fierce Market Competitions

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