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Redy-to-use business plan to develop dental clinic in Russia - in English and Russian languages

Published By :

Euroresearch & Consulting

Published Date : May 2013

Category :

Dental Devices

No. of Pages : 126 Pages

Purpose of this report was to develop ready-to-use business plan to build dental clinic in Russia.

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Benefits of buying the report:

  • The report provides you with ready – to – use business plan to develop dental clinic in Russia.
  • Detailed financial model is included in the report. 
  • The report provides information, which gives very good understanding of trends and dynamics of the market in Russia.
  • The report forms a view with respect to development of the market. This view and forecast can be used in running scenario analysis to build financial models, investment analysis and strategy formulation.
  • Main competitors were analyzed during the course of the report. You will get clear understanding of level of competition in Russia.

This report saves lots of time

According to our estimates the report saves more than a month in analyst time of search and analysis of industry information and data.

This time can be used more efficiently.

  • If you need to get quick understanding of the market than this product is a very good tool to get it done efficiently from the quality/price point of view. 
  • The report can be used to prepare a company’s strategy, in investment analysis and in preparation of consulting materials.
  • The report will provide you with all relevant information to get prepared for important meeting, presentation. The information is presented in a convenient way, which makes the preparation efficient.
  • The report can be used to prepare a company’s strategy, in investment analysis and in preparation of consulting materials.
Table of Content

1. Project outline...
1.1 Project description..
1.2 Goals of the project.
1.3 Marketing strategy.
1.4 Competitive advantages.
1.5 Financial forecasts...

2. Legal issues..
2.1 Selection of type of legal entity..
2.2 Registration of legal entity..
2.3 Leasing agreement
2.4 Approval of banners..
2.5 Legal document required to develop dental clinics..
2.5.1 Licensing..
2.5.2 Legal documents

3. Market research..
3.1 Russian market of medical services
3.2 Market capacity.

4. Project concept.
4.1 Project description
4.2 Physical parameters..
4.2.1 Space
4.2.2 Utilisation.
4.2.3 Work Load...
4.3 Market parameters...
4.3.1 Location
4.3.2 Services..
4.3.3 Pricing policy
4.3.4 Target audience...
4.3.5 Competitors..
4.3.6 Distribution channels..

5. Strategy and marketing plan..
5.1 Marketing goals of the project
5.2 Selection of location
5.3 Pricing strategies...
5.4 Advertising policy
5.5 Promotional efforts

6. investments...
6.1 Project plan..
6.2 Legal entity registration..
6.3 Required financing...
6.4 Space selection.
6.5 Loans.
6.6 Designing..
6.7 Repair
6.8 Licenses..
6.9 Sanitary equipment..
6.10 Equipment and furniture..
6.11 Brand & Style.
6.12 Staff.
6.13 Marketing efforts...
6.14 Automatisation.
6.15 Other expenses
6.16 Expenses.
6.17 Investment structure
6.18 Operating expenses

7. Operating Stage
7.1 Main expense items
7.1.1 Loans and leasing payments
7.1.2 Utility expenses..
7.1.3 Telecommunication expenses
7.1.4 Advertising expenses.
7.1.5 Staffing costs..
7.1.6 Auxiliary expenses..
7.1.7 Insurance.
7.1.8 Taxes...
7.1.9 Other expenses...
7.1.10 Structure of operating expenses
7.2 Operating P&L
7.3 Operating income
7.4 Operating budget .

8. Financial plan...
8.1 P&L.
8.3 Balance Sheet.

9. Project effectiveness..
9.1 Operating structure
9.2 Profitability..
9.3 Net profit......
9.4 Discount rate
9.5 NPV, pay back period, IRR
9.6 Break even point.
9.7 Enterprise value..
9.8 Main investment financial parameters of the project.

10. Risks...
10.1 Staff risks.
10.2 Supplier risks.
10.3 Technology risks
10.4 Organisational risks..
10.5 Financial risks...
10.6 Economical and market risks.
10.7 Force majeur


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