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Quick Service Restaurants - US - May 2016

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Published Date : May 2016

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Hotels & Restaurants

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As the lines between traditional restaurant segments continue to blur, QSRs (quick service restaurants) have been taking steps to remain competitive in the changing restaurant landscape. Most QSR users agree that QSRs are the best option when they are short on time. QSRs must make it a priority to maintain this position by continuing to deliver tasty food conveniently and consistently. As a secondary focus, QSRs must strive to appeal to both consumers that are willing to pay more for more sophisticated options and premium ingredients as well as customers that expect the “fast-food” they’ve always known at affordable prices. To remain relevant, QSRs must monitor consumer and foodservice trends and make any appropriate changes. To grow within the segment, QSRs will need to innovate while remaining true to their core brand mission, vision, and loyal core consumer.

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What you need to know

Executive Summary

The issues
Consumers report drop in frequency of QSR visitation
QSRs face increased competition from fast casual, convenience stores, and grocery
Price promotions and value wars
The opportunities
Speed, convenience, and tasty food
Consumers have positive opinion of QSRs
Technology integration
What it means

The Market – What You Need to Know

US economic factors
Any way you want it, any time you need it

Market Factors

Improving economy indicates favorable climate for restaurants
Figure 1: Unemployment and underemployment, January 2007-March 2016
Figure 2: Consumer Sentiment Index, January 2007-March 2016
Food and drink available anywhere and anytime

Key Players – What You Need to Know

Fast food gets a face-lift
The new faces in fast food
Incoming international hopefuls

QSR Switches Up Its Strategy

Big names in QSR are taking their brands in a new direction

New and Emerging Brands

Fresh faces in QSR are changing “fast-food” as we know it

Global Brand Imports

International brands and cuisine are entering the US market

Mintel Menu Insights

All-day menu remains dominant, breakfast menu driving growth
Flavors are up
Ingredient claims up 25%, menu item claims up 21%

What’s Working?

Online mobile ordering and delivery
Late-night menus and happy hours
Loyalty programs and social media

What’s Struggling?

Defining what value means
Competition from C-store and Fast Casuals
Brand identity and authenticity

What’s Next?

QSRs leverage digital and social media platforms for ordering
Would you like a beer with that?
Dog treats at the drive-thru

The Consumer – What You Need to Know

QSR still the most visited restaurant segment
Benefits of offering healthful, customizable, kid-friendly options
Opportunities still available for QSRs despite drop in visitation frequency

QSR Visitation

Men, Millennials, and Hispanics are among the heaviest QSR users
Figure 3: QSR visitation in the past month, any visitation, February 2016
Correspondence analysis: Order method by QSR type
Figure 4: Correspondence analysis of how consumers ordered QSR food, February 2016
QSR visitation by brand
Figure 5: QSR visitation by brand in the past 30 days, Fall 2013-Fall 2015

QSR Areas of Opportunity

Diners want more healthful options at QSRs
Figure 6: QSR areas of interest, February 2016
Give consumers choice when they dine out
Figure 7: QSR areas of interest, “Customizable menu items,” by generation, February 2016
Figure 8: QSR areas of interest, “Premium menu items,” by demographics, February 2016
Reaching the female consumer
Figure 9: QSR areas of interest, by gender and age, February 2016
Parents are interested in a variety of options
Figure 10: QSR areas of interest, by parents and age, February 2016
Urbanites want more from QSRs
Figure 11: QSR areas of interest, by area, February 2016

Reasons for Visiting QSRs

Convenience and tastiness drive QSR visitations
Figure 12: Reasons for visiting QSR, February 2016
Dads love QSRs
Figure 13: Reasons for visiting QSR, by parents and gender, February 2016
Figure 14: Top reasons for visiting a restaurant with the family, “Any rank,” June 2015, Families Dining Out – US, September 2015.
QSR visitation reasons vary by age and income
Figure 15: Reasons for visiting QSR, by age and income, February 2016

Key Drivers Analysis

Overall satisfaction with QSRs is high; KDA reveals areas to improve/promote
Figure 16: Key drivers of level of satisfaction with QSR visited most often, February 2016

QSR Attitudes and Behaviors

QSR visitation is stagnant despite generally favorable opinions
Figure 17: QSR statement agreement, February 2016
Loyalty programs are an area of opportunity for QSRs
Figure 18: QSR statement agreement, “I am more likely to visit [a QSR] that has a loyalty program,” by select demographics, February 2016
QSR “loyalists"
Figure 19: QSR statement agreement, “I am willing to go out of my way to visit [a QSR] I like,” by select demographics, February 2016

QSR Deals

Appeal of deals varies by demographics
Figure 20: QSR deal/value appeal, February 2016
Figure 21: QSR deal/value appeal, “Family/group value meals,” by size of household, February 2016
Women are most motivated by coupons
Figure 22: QSR deal/value appeal, by age and gender, February 2016
Efficacy of deals varies by income
Figure 23: QSR deal/value appeal, by income, February 2016
Parents want deals when they dine out
Figure 24: QSR deal/value appeal, parents, February 2016

TURF Analysis – Deals

Reach unique consumers by offering different deals/value options
Figure 25: TURF analysis: QSR deals, February 2016

Appendix – Data Sources and Abbreviations

Data sources
Consumer survey data
Mintel Menu Insights
Abbreviations and terms

Appendix – Consumer

6-month NCHS Adult Study
Figure 26: QSR visitation by brand in the past 30 days, fall 2013-fall 2015
Interpretation of results KDA
Figure 27: Level of satisfaction with QSR visited most often, – Key driver output, February 2016
TURF analysis
Figure 28: TURF analysis – QSR value deals, February 2016

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