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Quarterly Beverage Tracker Fourth Quarter 2017: USA

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Published Date : Feb 2018

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Quarterly Beverage Tracker Fourth Quarter 2017: USA


GlobalDatas United States of America Quarterly Beverage Tracker Q4-17 covering soft drinks, dairy drinks, hot drinks and alcoholic drinks is an essential tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry performance and developments on a quarterly basis, covering:

- Top line consumption volumes for Q4-2017 vs Q4-2016, moving annual totals (MAT), full year 2016 provisional data and 2017 forecasts for all beverage categories.
- Carbonates consumption data for Q4-2017 vs Q4-2016, moving annual totals (MAT), full year 2016 provisional data and 2017 forecasts split by regular vs low calorie, and key flavor.
- An economic mood indicator with an at a glance assessment of industry confidence levels, private label performance vs brands and price trends.
- Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind the latest quarterly trends and assumptions for full year 2017.


- The year came to a somewhat uninspiring conclusion for the United States' commercial beverage market. Consumption in Q4-17 held flat year on year, resulting in a similar performance for 2017 overall. The year was concerning for many beverage producers grappling with slowdowns in almost every major category
- Soft drinks consumption in Q4-17 rose marginally year on year, helping buoy top line commercial beverage performances. Packaged water volumes ascended another 5% in the quarter, propelled by strengthening health and wellness trends, but the positivity from this growth was countered by another 2% loss in carbonates
- The demand for commercial beverages including dairy, hot drinks and alcoholic beverages all hindered total market performance. White milk continued its decline, leaving total dairy beverage demand down by over 2% in Q4-17, while challenges in the beer market have caused alcoholic beverage sales to stumble in recent quarters. After a positive Q3-17 for hot drinks, the category reverted back to its path of decline this time around
- The US economy continued to improve as retail sales held strong, the labor market remained tight and wages were on the rise. However, key channels like food services and convenience stores were undermined by stagnant foot traffic, and served as headwinds to commercial beverage growth
- In a quick turnaround, Cook Countys sweetened beverage tax was repealed after only a few months. Despite the victory for the industry, policy risks remained high as sugar taxes had been implemented in a number of other large cities, the most notable being Philadelphia

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- Gain an in-depth understanding of the most up-to-date trends in the United States of America beverage industry to support and enhance your strategic planning.
- Investigate the latest quarterly and emerging annual trends in United States of America to back your marketing initiatives.
- Analyze the latest beverage category 2017 forecast projections to make well-informed decisions on the outlook in the marketplace for your company.
- View a selection of the key quarterly new soft drinks product launches and identify competitor activity.
- Access a quarterly Special Focus on a current industry hot topic offering qualitative insight from local consultants to determine opportunities for product innovation.
Table of Contents
1 At A Glance 4
2 Impact Of The Economic Situation 4
3 Highlights 5
4 Market Drivers 5
5 Market Trends 7
5.1 Soft Drinks 7
5.1.1 Packaged Water 7
5.1.2 Bulk/HOD Water 8
5.1.3 Carbonates 8
5.1.4 Enhanced Water 9
5.1.5 Flavored Water 10
5.1.6 Juice 11
5.1.7 Nectars 12
5.1.8 Still Drinks 12
5.1.9 Squash/Syrups 13
5.1.10 Fruit Powders 14
5.1.11 Iced/RTD Tea Drinks 14
5.1.12 Iced/RTD Coffee Drinks 15
5.1.13 Sports Drinks 16
5.1.14 Energy Drinks 17
5.2 Alcoholic Drinks 18
5.3 Dairy Drinks 19
5.4 Hot Beverages 20
6 Data Tables 22
7 Appendix 28

List of Tables
Table 1: United States of America at a Glance - Quarterly Performance and Latest Forecast 4
Table 2: Impact Of The Economic Situation 4
Table 3: Commercial Beverage Market Trends - Million Liters, 2017P-2018F 23
Table 4: Commercial Beverage Market Trends - Million Unit Cases, 2017P-2018F 24
Table 5: Soft Drinks Market Trends - Million Liters, 2017P-2018F 25
Table 6: Soft Drinks Market Trends - Million Unit Cases, 2017P-2018F 26
Table 7: Carbonates Market Trends - Million Liters, 2017P-2018F 27
Table 8: Carbonates Market Trends - Million Unit Cases, 2017P-2018F 28

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