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Headquartered in Chaoyang District, Beijing, Stanley International Information Consulting Co. (SCC) is a global informationconsulting company and the world's leading business information consulting agencywith customers in all industries and regions. In the context of global big data,the company has been committed to promoting the development strategy of “dataglobalization”. Stanley Consulting (SCC) mainly provides customers with consultingservices for business information, including industrial technology consulting,market research, and business and economic information consulting services. SCC works closely with its clients to help them identify the most valuable development opportunities, meet critical challenges and assist them in their business transformation. During the course of making tailored solutions forcustomers, we integrate into the in-depth insight into the company and themarket trends, and cooperate closely with customers at all levels, so as toensure that our customers have a sustainable competitive advantage, and growinto a more capable organization and that the results have constant effects. Stanley Consulting currently has 15 offices in 8 countries.
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