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Reevolv is a boutique Consulting and Research company offering a \"One Stop Shop\" in the areas of business strategy, financial & operations advisory and Research to corporates and private equity funds.

We service our clients in their constant re-evolution process through our in-depth industry research, domain understanding, our timely and superior execution capabilities and strong network to provide customized solutions to our clients.

Reevolv Research is a research initiative, with an objective to cover sun rise sectors. By and large the sunrise sectors constitute various consumer products and services that are often fragmented, unorganized and localized in nature. We believe that there are various avenues for investment and growth. However the availability of quality information or the data points is a challenge. 

Reevolv Research through its proprietary research reports bridges these gaps, by covering specific sectors within broader consumer space. The research reports typically covers market sizing, industry dynamics, key challenges, critical success factors, player profiles with financials, private equity deals and valuations.

Founded in 2008, Reevolv is a team of CAs, MBAs and Engineers with functional and industry expertise and diverse background of investment banking and management consulting.